Apple stock’s next milestone is $320 as a crucial transition is on track

How high can Apple’s shares price go?

Nigam Arora for MarketWatch:

On May 2, 2018, The Arora Report raised Apple’s price target to the zone of $240 to $250. We subsequently reiterated the target zone.

Our thesis was summed up in the following sentence: “When Wall Street starts understanding the transition, Apple’s stock is likely to move up to the Arora Report’s target zone of $240 to $250.”

In due course, Wall Street started understanding the transition… So far, Apple is making the transition to services beautifully.

On Oct. 23, before the earnings release, The Arora Report raised Apple’s very long-term target zone to $325-$365.

MacDailyNews Take: It took the Street long enough to start waking up!

May the market someday wake up, understand Apple for a chance, and properly value the company!MacDailyNews, March 8, 2019 (on which date AAPL closed at $171.59)


  1. I would love it.. and everyone would benefit.. but it’s gonna be quite some time. We first have to pass through a roughly 12 year period of darkness and depression. You better get your cash reserves in place sometime in the next six months. With the national debt at 23 trillion.. the bubble is growing thinner and ALL uptrends are followed by downturns.. only this one is gonna hurt. I’m not a fan of Mr. Trump but when the Democrats sweep in.. they will tax capital gains, tax pretty much everything else and investment money will flee the market. Get into cash in the next few months.. and hang on.

    1. They normally mean 5 to 7 years but the continuing uptrend as of today, is extremely unlikely. I think, based on their execution of conversion to services and the turgid waters of the economy, and the coming election, and the tendency of the market to sell off on uncertainty, Apple has about another $20 to $30 upside say near 275 to 280, before the crash.

  2. Mr. PR; your presumptuous statement re: “when the D’s sweep in” needs some research and qualification. History shows, when the D’s are at the wheel, the stock market rises…at least if/when you do a ck starting with Ronnie. Bill and Barack were driving the bus when the stock market rose greatly. Bush’s reign was a skunk (admittedly, it coincided with some extenuating circumstances). Don’s party has shown great job numbers and a decent stock market average, but quite erratic.

    I will say, the current D line-up isn’t like those in the past. There’s a lot of give away and taking in their DNA and the behavior of money, if/when largely state directed, will lose the “velocity” normally associated with vibrancy. On the other hand, China has done ok with their non-market economy–so it appears. Maybe we should ask for advice if a Bernie-Eliz-Give-Grab-Bag type administration materializes?

    Before that, we’ll continue with the Shiff & Don Show. While it plays and while we pay for it, sit back and “enjoy.”

    APPL has risen robustly during Don’s term and APPL rose steadily and vigorously while Barack was in the Oval. I’ve sold shares all along the way and despite fewer shares, the total value is (way) up. Surprisingly. $320 is more than possible.

    1. Ron
      I honestly hope you are right. But we are at the 12 year mark for the market following the 2008 recession. Since then the debt has risen steadily, Stocks are likely becoming over valued, and it’s obvious that any move toward universal health care, or increased corporate taxes will impact profits. if you read that story (and please.. read it carefully.. it’s pretty well reasoned).. the potential for a big drop is there. It’s not political per se.. It’s just economic. Yes, I am aware that the markets have done well under Democrat administrations. It’s just that we are near a tipping point and it won’t matter that much who wins. The FED won’t be able to lower rates enough to make a difference. They are ALREADY pushing money into the system to keep it liquid on an almost daily basis.

  3. I think if Apple puts in the time and resources like I think they will, Apple TV+ is really going to take off over the next 5 years. It’s really going to come down to how many streaming services are people willing to pay for. Disney+ is going to be a force to deal with. Services is where it’s going to be at for Apple.

  4. AAPL is STILL very under-valued. Likely tied to Tim Cook’s under-performing Apple’s true potential. The day a more aggressive, focused CEO comes in, it will take off. I still think under Tim, it can continue to grow. But I think it’s still under-performing it’s potential. And I LOVE Apple/AAPL

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