Safari ‘This Connection Is Not Private’ Warning

Serhat Kurt for MacReports:

This article explains how you can fix the “this connection is not private” error in iOS and macOS Safari. You are seeing this message because the security check on the site certificate by Safari is failed. This could be about https vs. http. This is likely because the website’s SSL certificate is missing, expired or not issued by a legitimate certificate authority.

Safari will say ‘Not Secure’ when the website you visit does not use the HTTPS protocol.

You may get error messages when you are trying to visit websites. Safari has built-in security features to protect you against deceptive, harmful and suspicious websites. Visiting this type of websites may potentially harm or damage your computer. One of the warning messages you get is this ‘connection is not private’ message. When you see this message, it is recommended that you do not visit this particular web site.

If you think that you are seeing this warning message even though the site you are visiting is not deceptive, then there a few tips that you can try.

MacDailyNews Take: In order to have a clearer view of what you’re visiting, we recommend Safari users set their preferences to view the full web site address in Safari’s Smart Search Field via:

Safari > Preferences… > Advanced > Smart Search Field > Show full website address (check the box)


  1. “Safari > Preferences… > Advanced > Smart Search Field > Show full website address ”

    I do not have this path on my iPhone 7 running iOS 13. I get as far as advanced and then the road stops there.

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