Apple’s Mac Pro to ship with silver and black Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad

Apple's new 2019 Mac Pro
Apple’s new 2019 Mac Pro

a href=”” target=”_new”>Malcolm Owen for AppleInsider:

In a move reminiscent of the iMac Pro, owners of the new Mac Pro will be able to use a new color option of accessories with the workstation, with new images pulled from macOS revealing the peripherals.

An image found by developer Steve Troughton-Smith and published to Twitter reveals a total of three accessories for the new Mac Pro model. Troughton claims the accessories in the image are meant for the Mac Pro, but does not advise of whether they will be limited in availability or offered to all users.

The image depicts two keyboards, one with and one without the number pad, equipped with a light silver metal construction and black keys. As part of the same image is a Magic Trackpad 2, which again uses a light silver-colored metal enclosure, but with a black top layer.

MacDailyNews Take: Go, Raiders!

Interns, it’s time.


  1. For $5k I’d want a keyboard and mouse for free too..Apple is really pushing itself to be a luxury Brand than a brand for the people. A few quotes from Apple ads, “Why Every Kid should have an Apple after School”-(Obviously not Mac Pro or iMac Pro a Mac Mini possibly), “What Kinda man owns is own Computer”- (With A lot of Homeless people in San Fran, none of them, So I have to Take out a Loan to buy a new Mac Pro, Fan F’kin Tastic), “Can a Personal Computer grow up with your family?”- (Oh It Better Stay Alive for 20 Years at the Price I’m Paying!) {My 2008 Mac Pro is 10 years old, Apple is Doing Everything Possible to kill it, as they want to rotate people computers faster making more money, They used to run longer than a PC, not now}, “Introducing the Fastest Way to Get Through College”- (Bahahahaha, Those Diplomas are worthless You go to college and owe Tens of thousands of dollars once you graduate, think Spending $2k more will be faster? no. The Kid will be Drinking, Partying, Doing stupid $sh!t, Having a Mac on your lap is a Status Symbol. Use a $500 Laptop PC can do the same thing). Apple is Pushing their old tech out of Circulation, Charging and Arm and a Leg for their Stuff and Con People into Believing Their KoolAid is Sweet. While it’s a Shell game. I’ve Been using Apple since the IIe, I’m not a noob. They are trying to lock down their OS and Hardware, Bleed people with their Subscriptions and not letting people own the software, Picking at your time with incessant Ads, While Smiling and Making you think they are gods. Argue with me.

      1. The new Mac Pro is for video production in Hollywood

        True, and most definitely not a computer “for the rest of us”.

        The problem with trying to make the iMac into that role is that user use cases vary and vary widely … and if your hobby is prosumer grade photography/video, then even the biggest SSD that Apple sells as an internal option for the iMac isn’t big enough.

        The result is all of that Small Form Factor elegance that we paid Apple extra for … is now utterly defeated because the use case needs a literal stack of external drives to provide the required capability. In simple geek terms, that’s a “Self-Nuke”.

        1. Indeed!. Apple could have easily made a Mac Pro with a i7 and a lower graphics card and sell it for $2k While parts would be less than $800, and Still be making boat loads of money and getting more computers out there. Selling a $5k mac your limiting how many will be sold. I’m Totally sure that Many people given the choice will pick the lower cost mac pro vs an iMac.

          1. Agreed; Apple is very much turning their back on the SMB and Prosumer market segment who can afford a $3K machine that gets optioned up to $5K, but for whom a $6K starting point is a bridge too far.

            Unfortunately, Apple’s leadership neglects the Mac product line, and when combined with their “lockdown” attitude, has sabotaged value.

            For example, it would be trivial for Apple Engineering to design an iMac with improved onboard storage: a removable back access panel and putting a literal row of 2.5″ form factor SATA3 drive bays along with a row of industry standard (not Apple’s proprietary) M.2 NVME blades.

            Of course, that does change the thermals, so instead of growing it just 1/4″ in thickness, grow it by a still insignificant ~1/2″, to give you a 50% space claim budget for improved thermal management…heck, you could make the storage backplane its own separated/isolated thermal zone.

            FWIW, maybe some clever aftermarket designer will work up a full sized back panel that would be a giant “clip on” onto the back of an iMac to contain these drives/M.2’s and have a short pigtail to clip into a USB-C port … hmmm

    1. Very dramatic take considering the Mac Pro is meant for a high end “niche” buyer. These are the types of computers your company should be purchasing for the team. I have never understood consumer class people clamoring to buy these unless they are truly wealthy. Anyone who is taking out an unsecured loan just because they want a Mac Pro is an idiot.

      However, despite the dramatic take above, the poster has a strong point about Apple killing off their consumer line computer products. I now use an iPad and iPhone but have switched to Windows laptops. The reasoning is quite simple: They have functional keyboards. I still use a 2012 era MacBook Pro that has a functional keyboard and it is working quite nicely. I am also one of those people who understands how to use function key shortcuts in applications and appreciates the tactile feedback of the physical keys. The new MacBook line (Air and Pro) are basically productivity killers for me.

      I know…it’s a sad state… but as has been mentioned on this site, Apple doesn’t seem to care about the consumer Mac users and probably sees the fact I’ve moved on to just an iPad as a win.

      There are basically these options now:

      Low-end consumers and basic computing:

      iOS devices; There really isn’t a need for a laptop or desktop for this group. In fact, the majority of the time I am just fine with my iPad.

      Intermediate computers (e.g. programming, web development, multiple applications open, graphics editing not quite to the level of professional production, needs beyond iOS):

      Hint: this is where most of the types of people who frequent this site including myself fall

      You could get any MacBook (Air, Pro) computer and roll the dice on the keyboard working and also depending on your model have no tactile feedback for function buttons.

      Or you could just get a higher end Windows laptop that these days is quite stable and have keyboards that actually work (and include function keys) and use your iOS devices for everything else.

      Professional grade graphics/video/audio:

      Pro line of Apple computers

      Basically you have iOS devices which are affordable and meet the needs of almost everyone, and then you have the extremely pricy but high quality Pro level offerings from apple.

      For those of us in the middle we have to pick between spending a lot of money on a laptop that has a defective keyboard design or settling with Windows. And again, I stress… Apple is so full of themselves that they’re glad we are gravitating towards iOS and shunning their laptops.

      1. “Apple is so full of themselves that they’re glad we are gravitating towards iOS and shunning their laptops”


        “If I were running Apple, I would milk the Macintosh for all it’s worth – and get busy on the next great thing. The PC wars are over. Done. Microsoft won a long time ago.”
        -Steve Jobs

    2. Get a grip young man. Your writing is really nails on the blackboard wretched. No need to deal with a point-by-pint dissection of your finger tap manure. It was funny to here you yak of your “since the IIe” grab at gravitas. Real veterans of Apple computers well remember the days when we begged Cupertino to advertise the awesome advantage of the Macintosh to no result. Only when Steve came back did this begin to change. To read you complaining now about advertising the product exposes your fraud for all of us who know and remember to see. Buy yourself a Surface and crawl off to die, would you please?

    3. Expensive pro machines are nothing new. In 1988, I worked for an Apple dealer. The Mac II was $5,500. If you got it with a color monitor and video card, it was over $7,000. That’s the equivalent of $15,000 now. Real pro machines have always been expensive. If the Mac Pro is way too expensive for you, then you don’t really need one. Get over it.

      Also, the argument that plugging an external hard drive into an iMac Pro somehow “ruins the form factor” is ridiculous. It’s still just as beautiful with an external hard drive plugged into it. Who cares? It’s a tool. If you need to plug in some external drives, plug in some external drives, shut up, and get to work. God, the whining.

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