Get $100 iTunes Gift Cards for $85 on eBay

Mitchel Broussard for MacRumors:

PayPal’s Digital Gifts eBay storefront has the latest discount on App Store and iTunes gift cards today, offering the $100 iTunes gift card for $85.

This 15 percent off sale matches previous sales we’ve seen on iTunes gift cards throughout the year, and the sales usually last for a few days, but it could end sooner.

Like previous discounts, you’ll need to have a PayPal account to see the savings and the gift card will be valid only on purchases made in the United States. The card is electronic, so once you place your order you’ll get an email within a few hours with a code that you can use to fill up your Apple ID with the credit.

MacDailyNews Take: Get ’em while they virtually last here!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. Thanks! Needed to top off my “Apple Bucks” at 15% discount. Especially convenient from this vendor because no physical card.

    Note: Apple uses balance of funds NOT just for iTunes Store and App Store, but for other digital purchases, such as subscription to Apple Music, extra iCloud storage, etc. If I sign up for any of the new stuff like Apple Arcade or Apple TV+, I’d expect fees to be deducted from same balance. Also third-party subscriptions too, if initially subscribed through Apple. For example, I subscribed to Netflix from my Apple TV (I can watch anywhere), so I’m effectively getting 15% discount on monthly fee. $85 cost to me = $100 value in my balance. 🙂

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