Stock market rallies on U.S.-China trade deal hopes; focus shifts to Trump-Liu meeting


Wall Street rose for the third straight session on Friday, with hopes running high that the talks between President Donald Trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He would culminate in a partial trade deal and delay planned U.S. tariff increases.

Shares of Apple Inc hit a record high and were the biggest boost to the S&P 500 and Nasdaq, while the technology sector was set for its best day in five weeks.

All eyes are now on Trump meeting Liu in the White House at 2:45 p.m. EDT (1845 GMT). The top-level discussions concluded their second day on Friday…

The S&P 500 and Dow Jones indexes looked set to break a three-week losing streak on optimism that the world’s top two economies could cool off their row before more U.S. tariffs kick in next week.

MacDailyNews Note: The latest from the president’s Twitter feed:


  1. Let’s hope he can keep it together long enough to at least not make the current debacle any worse. The likely deal is no new sanctions in exchange for Chinese IP “promises” and some agricultural purchases to partially appease Iowa farmers.

      1. Yeah, we know about the art of the con. You can see its effect on MDN. #cult45

        They won’t address how trump can just sign things like the Iran agreement but President Obama couldn’t. Or all those executive orders.

    1. We can safely assume that Apple would love nothing more than to be able to sell its products to customers all over the entire world including the middle east, but Trump makes that impossible. Once on the path to denuclearization, Iran is now predictably acting like a cornered beast in response to Trump’s non-negotiated lack of attempt at any diplomacy.

      The multinational Iran nuclear nonproliferation treaty was working. That was proven. Everything Trump has done since he arrived has undone the progress.

      Compare today to 2016:
      – In 2016, Israel was not facing a future nuclear-powered foe.
      – In 2016, Saudia Arabia and other oil producers weren’t busy rebuilding oil facilities bombed by terrorist attacks. (However Trump’s dictator buddy was happy to murder a US citizen with impunity, and Trump did nothing there).
      – In 2016, the war criminal Assad regime was losing territory to US-supported rebels without any significant loss of US life.
      – In 2016, US intelligence-informed drone strikes were effective in killing prime Islamic State and Taliban leaders, nearly eradicating their illegitimate caliphates completely.
      – In 2016, US allied Kurds held significant Syrian real estate instead of ISIS or power-hungry Turkey.
      – In 2016, US troops had largely trained Afghani and Iraqi defense to stand on their own feet.
      – In 2016, the direction of US troops were mostly coming home.
      – In 2016, the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) had been established to stabilize and take care of the huge flows of Syrian refugees (an estimated 6 million internally displaced and 5 million crossing national borders seeking refuge). This was an international effort requiring more resources than any nations bordering Syria could expend on their own.

      All that progress was just abandoned by Trump.

      Today, Trump with the uncoordinated decision to retreat has just granted the disgusting Russian-Syrian alliance carte blanche to consolidate power and sway Iran to their side. Trump has slashed US support and funding to international humanitarian efforts and has prevented the US from taking significant numbers of legitimate refugees. Trump has threatened to destroy Turkey’s economy if Ergodan doesn’t do what Trump tweets, but Trump didn’t actually follow up on his threats. Turkey is now waging war on its longstanding foes the Kurds, who literally eliminated huge parts of the ISIS terrorist group with US coordination. But it’s worse than just throwing US allies under the bus. In fact, Trump has left US troops there isolated. The likely outcome that ISIS terrorists currently in jail will find their way free if the Kurds are pushed out is no longer a theory — it has been documented in the town of Qamishli. So Trump isn’t keeping America safe, his mismanagement of global alliances is directly putting terrorists back on the street.

      But this is not surprising. Trump has never looked beyond his own profit or ego-stroking motives as POTUS. He talks as if Guatamalan women Trump has done nothing to prevent innocent bloodshed anywhere in the world. Multinational treaties, foreign aid, trading allies, education and infrastructure building outside the USA — Trump proudly puts those last. Trump has been noncommittal about anything other than selling Saudi Arabia weapons. Will the US join with Saudi Arabia or Israel or Iraq if the low level terrorism and internal civil wars flame up into a nation-level shooting war? Doubtfully. Transaction-minded Trump is only interested in making money off the deal.

      You can bet that Mideast Peace Tsar and nepotistic all around meeting goer with impeccable record of amazing progress Kusher hasn’t thought through all this, nor has his daddy in law.

  2. Ho Hum. Another lengthy and skewed history book from Mike that gets almost everything wrong or distorted in favor of deep state crooks. It’s a good thing almost no one except me (because I love him sooo much !) will ever bother to read beyond the first few paragraphs. They can tell, wisely, that nothing he’s concocted—even if it were true—would be worth the days it takes to read it.

    1. Absolutely spot on, citizen. Mike’s tedious screeds are full of FICTION and he certainly supports the deep state partisans overlooking our great president making life better for everyone.

      Nuff said…

  3. Thank you President Donald J. Trump for your bold decisive leadership taking head on trade negotiations with China that presidents going back to Clinton IGNORED! MAGA in 2020…👍🏻🇺🇸

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