Stocks jump as China-U.S. trade talks come into focus

Mark DeCambre and Andrea Riquier for MarketWatch:

U.S. stocks rose Wednesday, as China and the U.S. attempted to ease simmering tensions, a day before high-level trade talks are scheduled to commence.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 192 points, or 0.7%, at 26,357. The S&P 500 index gained 26 points to reach 2,918, up more than 0.9%, while the Nasdaq added 79 points, or 1%, at 7,903.

A report from Bloomberg News indicated that China was open to a limited tariff resolution with the U.S., while another from the Financial Times indicated that China has offered to increase by 50% purchases of agricultural products from U.S. farmers to $50 billion.

Wednesday’s bounce comes from a hope that “this time is different” for the trade talks, said Kim Forrest, founder and chief investment officer at Bokeh Capital Management. Talks have been “contentious,” Forrest said, “but both sides absolutely know something needs to be done.”

MacDailyNews Take: Time to hammer out a deal?


  1. Like many great examples of the prominent business entities in our country, it’s time to appease, bow to, and ignore, the PRC’s communist thuggery, of denying freedom and speech, taking what isn’t theirs, effectively cleansing certain ethnicities and…”

    I’m sorry, forget that. “It’s time to embrace the wishes of our greatest business partner to ensure the “well-being” of our nation and the world’s economy. Not all nations are the same and we welcome differences in our two sovereign countries. We are in no position judge. China has their own principles that have led them “wonderfully” since the Revolution (yes, there have been a few deaths and disappearances, but no one’s time on earth is forever).
    Business and profit brings meaning and purpose…let us proceed with vigor embracing this ever-so important truth. Can we all just say, “Cha-ching, Cha-ching, Cha-Ching” with complete focus on the upcoming sales of the Holiday Season? Goodbye tariffs and Hello to Holiday sales records!”

  2. Ah, the upcoming trade talks. Someone just puked out this on Twitter:

    “Big day of negotiations with China. They want to make a deal, but do I? I meet with the Vice Premier tomorrow at The White House.”

    Who could it be who doesn’t know if he actually wants to make a deal? Someone who is more interested in personal power than getting stuff done? With an attitude like that, no wonder the USA is stuck in a holding pattern. No good things are going to happen if there isn’t a leader taking everyone — not just his faction — to achieve important things.

    Rumor has it that Apple has a few new hardware devices to release over the next year or so. You can be assured that without any real leadership coming out of Washington, Cook didn’t spend a millisecond attempting to have those good produced anywhere else but China.

    1. Your problems are that you hate Trump, yet you don’t understand him at all. I assume your view of him comes from what you’re told to think of him by MSNBC, CNN, and the rest of the fake news.

      Here, learn something:

      “The worst thing you can possibly do in a deal is seem desperate to make it. That makes the other guy smell blood, and then you’re dead.” – Donald Trump, Trump: The Art of the Deal, November 1, 1987

      1. Mike doesn’t think he’s biased…at all. That’s not good thinking. Admitting one’s bias isn’t a bad thing, in fact, it’s nothing but an inherent truth. Once accepted, it’s the individuals’ responsibility to give reason to the bias.
        In this case, it was the simple word, “puked” that tainted whatever followed. For months/yrs of reading his posts, I believe Mike’s a smart guy, but communicating a pure argument without displaying distain for certain people and groups–used as “force” in his arguments–is a challenge for him.

      2. quoting the shadow author who penned Drumph’s useless self-praise book doesn’t bolster your case. the inept potus has basically zero deals done in the last 3 years.

        let’s not forget the genius multiple bankruptcy businessman, depending on what outlandish financial projections you want to believe, would almost certainly be richer today if he had merely taken his daddy’s money and stuck it in an average earning index fund. The Donald is notable for one thing only: getting otherwise smart people to believe in his harebrained zero-sum-game ideas. he’s lost billions in others’ money in the private sector and is well on his way to blowing >$1 trillion of taxpayers money per year as well. nobody with any real business experience trusts lyin’ Drumph and his family crime syndicate.

        by the way, some of us get our news from multiple sources. the sites that never identify all of Drumph’s dirty associates by name include Fox and the right wing brainwashing sites. truly objective news organizations have uncovered all kinds of dirt on Drumph. you don’t have to be a liberal to see corruption. you do have to be honorable enough to set aside party to speak the truth, however. the idiots throwing former friends under the bus for not defending Drumph corruption are the corrosive elements killing democracy. blind trumpists drunk on a cult of personality.

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