Apple renames the Mac’s ‘Trash’ to ‘Bin’ in the U.K.

Mac Trash Bin
Image: MrGray99

Danny Zepeda for iMore:

With macOS Catalina out, we’re slowly discovering the little under there radar changes Apple introduced with its newest Mac software. One of the most comical changes that has been discovered is the renaming of the Trash can to the “Bin” in the UK.

First spotted by Reddit user MrGray99, he posted a picture of the trash can with the name “Bin.” Technically, Apple’s new name makes more sense because it is actually a bin. Trash is what you put in it.

However, since it has been officially called “Trash” for so long, it’s kind of a weird change.

MacDailyNews Take: That’s garbage… Sorry, rubbish.


  1. “Throw it in the trash” is an American expression, perfectly legitimate and common. “Throw it in the bin” is the British equivalent. Americans also refer to what we throw in the trash as “trash,” while in Britain it is “rubbish.”

  2. I find it a weird change (I am English) the writer is wrong though, because we put rubbish in the bin. Ever since I have a used a computer I have put files, folders in the trash.

    Just waiting for Apple to acknowledge there is a distinction between centre and center etc. on macOS as they are do on iOS. It won’t let me type English words on my Mac without interfering and I have to live with red-squiggly lines under words that are in-fact correct in my locale.

    Also hate seeing “Authorizing” on my AppleTV with the z and not the s.

    But hey, fix/ban the emojis first right?

    1. Actually -ize predates -ise and is correct as it is a Latin suffix in spelling with the same soft “s” sound as the Greek. The OED actually recommends using -ize in these cases.

      1. Language is living and dynamic… and changes are okay. In British English, authorise is correct while in English, it’s spelled authorize.

        The HISTORY of a language does necessarily reflect not it’s current usage. Try finding an original Old English copy of Beowolf and try to understand it. It’s practically a foreign language.

        Current usage dictates correctness. If we all started calling it alumium instead of aluminum or aluminium… then alumium would become the correct form.

        That being said… if you were to pick a globally “standard” English to determine global correctness, it would be North American English… as that’s current home of modern English with the highest number of native speakers.

    1. We actually call a dumpster a Grundon bin in the UK, a skip is a “kinda” half hexagon (typically yellow) shaped thing used on building sites or used domestically when doing say a renovation, usually rented from private companies called things like “Kwik Skipz”.

      I am thinking of nuking and paving my MBP for Catalina, I’ll look out for the “skip” icon! 🙂

  3. Bin for Trash is in Mojave if you’re in the UK, Australia or New Zealand. When you choose your location during installation, trash changed to bin. Autocorrect also defaults to correcting for American spelling. Dates also changed.

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