Shazam’s user base grew by over 78 million users after Apple acquisition

After its acquisition by Apple, Shazam increased its user base by over 78 million users in 2018.


According to the annual report and financial statements submitted to the U.K.’s Companies House, Shazam now has 478 million active users, versus 400 in the previous year.

Apple Music has incorporated features of Shazam into its Shazam Discovery Top 50 chart, which is populated by trending tracks and artist searches using Shazam.

Word first surfaced in December that Apple was close to buying Shazam. It was said that the price was about $401 million — a significant discount from the $1 billion the company was valued at in its last funding round in 2015.

MacDailyNews Take: For fiscal 2018, Shazam reported a profit of £123,953,546 versus a loss of £17,738,130 for fiscal 2017.

And Apple didn’t even complete their acquisition of Shazam until September 21, 2018!

Shazam’s 2018 annual report can be found here.


  1. I love that Shazam app. Whenever I watch TikTok videos I’m always checking out the names and artists of the songs I hear with Shazam. It’s just amazing how fast it works and it’s never been stumped as long as I’ve been using it. I wished I had it 30 years ago when I used to listen to late night radio station music marathons and they didn’t say who the artists were or the song names. Too bad I threw away most of my old cassette tapes with those music sessions. Anyway, I already have more music than I have time to listen to so it’ not a great loss.

    Shazam could be remade into an app that does more than just music. Things like snippets of popular quotes would be useful to find who said them.

    1. .Agreed brilliant software imeasurably improved this past year or so in every way and clearly with potential to expand well beyond its present market. A brilliant buy by Apple who can give it the support it needs (perhaps already has) to fully expand and fulfill its true potential

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