U.S. Senator’s bill proposes mandatory labeling for products with cameras and microphones

Kate Cox for Ars Technica:

One Senator is proposing a law that would require tech companies to include a label on products disclosing the presence of recording devices.

The bill, dubbed the Protecting Privacy in our Homes Act, would mandate a new kind of labeling on goods that include Internet-connected microphones or cameras.

Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) introduced the bill to the Senate. “Consumers face a number of challenges when it comes to their privacy, but they shouldn’t have a challenge figuring out if a device they buy has a camera or microphone embedded into it,” Gardner said. “This legislation is about consumer information, consumer empowerment, and making sure we’re doing everything we can to protect consumer privacy.”

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously something that should be required given Google’s Nest recently embedded devices with undisclosed microphones into the homes of unsuspecting consumers who might not know to avoid Google products at all costs if they value their privacy at all.


  1. It’s overkill, if people are so naive that they cannot determine if a device has a mic or cam, then they should not probably be buying them in the first place. Google of course in their infinite lamelessness, (that a word), of course ruins the party for everyone buy trying to pass of their crap as something that actually has any privacy..

  2. If Samsung decides to embed a webcam and microphone in my tv, I want to know it’s there. Likewise, for my refrigerator and washing machine and every other appliance. This should be a no-brainer.

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