Retailer adoption of Apple Pay accelerates

Gene Munster and Will Thompson for Loup Ventures:

We recently completed our third annual Apple Pay merchant adoption check. This involves checking the desktop websites, mobile websites, and iOS apps of a cohort of 100 of the top US online retailers for the ability to use Apple Pay at checkout.

We found that overall adoption continued to climb in 2019 across desktop, mobile, apps, and supporting banks, with overall adoption now ranging between 23% and 36% vs. 14%-24% last year. This excludes in-store point of sale systems, which dramatically increases adoption rates to 75% (reported by Apple).

We estimate… that 48% of global iPhone users have enabled Apple Pay. This is up from 33% a year ago…

Retailer adoption of Apple Pay accelerates
Source: Loup Ventures

MacDailyNews Take: Slowly but surely, Apple Pay is spreading. Apple Card will only help speed the spread of Apple Pay!


  1. not worth using, it seldom functions on the vast majority of establishments who show it on their scanning devices, and the clerks have no idea to make it work. I try it every month or so out of curiosity.

    1. I agree. I don’t save any time bringing a Debit card out vs. Apple Pay since most of the time you still need to enter your pin code even though Apple Pay is designed to work without one (the whole point of a fast and easy transaction) but doofus business owners are still insecure about it. Apple needs to assure better and fix this.

  2. I tried to pay at the Ice Cream Shoppe today in my neighborhood. I got an exclamation point on my Wallet App saying that ApplePay failed. I tried 3 times. Finally, I gave in and went digging through my back pack to find my wallet, which was buried somewhere beneath a lot of stuff.

    But I do use ApplePay regularly at Costco, my Supermarket and Trader Joe’s. It works at Rite Aid, but not CVS. It doesn’t work at Kaiser Permanente or Home Depot.

    I wish that I could use a digital wallet to set up auto-pay for my monthly billers like my cell phone, home internet, gym membership and utility bills. I hate having to give these places my real credit card number as it exposes me to the risk of a data breach. (So I create a virtual card number with my CitiDouble Cash Card, which also pays 2%, unlike AppleCard which only pays 1%.)

  3. Used Apple Pay on vacation in Tennessee while visiting the Great Smokey Mountains atop Clingmans Dome. Bought souvenirs at the gift shop. Passed my Apple Watch over the reader and Voila, instant accept of my payment.

    I use it exclusively every chance I get and is being accepted more and more everyday.

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