Beleaguered Samsung ends mobile phone production in China


Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has ended mobile telephone production in China, it said on Wednesday, hurt by intensifying competition from domestic rivals in the world’s biggest smartphone market.

The South Korean tech giant’s ceased phone production in China follows other manufacturers shifting production from China due to rising labor costs and the economic slowdown.

Samsung’s share of the Chinese market shrank to 1% in the first quarter from around 15% in mid-2013, as it lost out to fast-growing homegrown brands such as Huawei Technologies and Xiaomi Corp, according to market research firm Counterpoint… “Samsung has little hope there to revive its share,” said Park Sung-soon, an analyst at Cape Investment & Securities.

MacDailyNews Take: The iPhone copycat market is cutthroat, especially with “IP” in China standing for “Immediately Pilfer.” There’s a certain karmic justice to infamous iPhone knockoff maker Samsung getting knocked off in China by a bunch of iPhone knockoff makers.

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    1. Meanwhile, Apple’s Chinese market share for the last 4 quarters fluctuates between 6-12% (higher in quarter right after a new release, but even 6% at their lowest is better than Samsung’s 1% through the last 4 quarters).

    1. Well, as much as I’d like to bash MS for once again using Apple as it’s R&D and releasing more me-too products, it would seem that the blind squirrel has once again found a nut by including an AMD processor in the Surface Laptop.

      I’m still holding out hope that Apple will re-release the Macbook with AMD Ryzen for its ‘consumer’ line of lappys, with Intel continuing in the higher-end ‘pro’ products… but, we’ll have to wait and see.

      AMD blurb here:

  1. Trump administration never threatened Samsung for producing their IP thieving ripoffs in South Korea. But Apple’s iPhone tariff exemptions are completely dependent on Cookie continually stroking Don The Con’s fragile ego. MDN spent years ripping the last US cellphone maker, Motorola. Looks like China gets to keep ripping off Apple designs with impunity while MDN says nothing.

  2. Before blaming the copy cats, also take a look at the innovation they have been doing. May be that’s the bigger influence and it is massive. It seems like Apple is the one who is lagging behind in design and functions. Take a look at the three lenses, it just look like the one used by Huawei a year ago.

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