Apple preparing for their first Oscar?

Tim Mulligan for Midia research:

A limited seven-day consecutive theatrical release, which includes paid admission in a commercial motion picture theatre in LA County, enables the film to qualify for consideration for the Academy Awards.

November 15th is the submissions deadline for the 2020 Oscars, two weeks after Apple TV+ officially launches. The official press event for Apple TV+ back in March featured a veritable who’s who of Hollywood talent, including Oscar-winning directors Steven Spielberg (1978 Best Director Award for Close Encounters of the Third Kind and 1983 Best Picture Award for E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial) and Ron Howard (who in 2002 received the Best Picture Award and the Best Director Award for A Beautiful Mind).

What better way to announce the launch of a premium video service then to invest in an Academy-nomination-worthy feature film produced by proven Oscar winners which is subsequently only available on Apple TV+?

MacDailyNews Take: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was nominated for Best Picture, but got robbed. The bland Gandhi was awarded Best Picture in 1983, a travesty as even its director Richard Attenborough wholeheartedly agreed. (In 1983, the Academy was still deep in its Spielberg jealousy mode and would, unfortunately, remain so for years.)

Similarly, Spielberg was nominated for Best Director for Close Encounters of the Third Kind, in 1977, not 1978, but did not win. Woody Allen won Best Director that year for Annie Hall. Anyway, we digress.

You’d better believe Apple is gunning for awards as they are excellent marketing opportunities and can bestow an aura of gravitas on Apple’s fledgling streaming service.

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