Apple releases watchOS 6.0.1 for Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5

Apple today released watchOS 6.0.1 for Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5 which optimizes performance, provides security updates, and contains improvements and bug fixes, including:

• Resolves an issue where the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse watch face does not speak time
• Addresses an issue where the calendar complication may not display events
• Fixes a bug that could result in a loss of display calibration data

Apple also released watchOS 5.3.2 for Apple Watch Series 3.

watchOS 6 is currently compatible with Apple Watch Series 3 and later.

Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 will support watchOS 6 later this year.


  1. The new California Face has a Navy Blue background showing pink hand. Have the Navy background but unable to find it. Would appreciate suggestions please. The photo is shown on another website. MR. in the center with a pink strap. Thanks everyone.

    1. I was wondering about this too, have been on the phone for 40 minutes with 2 senior advisors and the last one who is an Apple Watch Sr advisor knows absolutely nothing. period. Had he audacity to insult the watch and phone telling me they’re not worth it and she has no interest. So much for assistance. Politely suggested sh contact a Sr Engineer. Not the old Apple Support I used to love for sure and no resolution as I type this.

      1. Yep, agree on the support anymore. It took one year to get an response on a logged issue I had with Apple tech support regarding Apple Pay. Kept the email and original email correspondence to remind myself how bad it’s gotten.

  2. I have the 6.1 beta on my series 2! I initially didn’t realise that there was a delay for the series 2 and was a bit disheartened but voilà, after a couple of days after 6.0 hit the others I get offered a beta for series 2 that leapfrogs the first release. Still a bit laggy and the odd button that doesn’t work reliably. But there you go! I must be special 😉

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