Apple wins United Nations Climate Action Award for use of 100% renewable energy

On Thursday, groundbreaking projects from around the world were announced as winners of the 2019 United Nations Global Climate Action Award. These projects are some of the world’s best and brightest solutions led by communities, governments, businesses and organizations, including Apple Inc.

Apple is on a mission to make its products without taking from the Earth. It has transitioned to 100% renewable energy for the electricity it uses in its offices, retail stores and data centres in 43 countries across the world, and currently is transitioning its entire supply chain to 100% renewable energy.

MacDailyNews Take: The more clean healthy air, the better!

Read more about Apple’s global emissions reduction mission here.


    1. To be honest, I was afraid that any congratulations to Apple would bring out all the posters who regularly attack the whole notion of renewable energy, because they are convinced that higher levels of stack exhaust and swamp gas are a good thing.

      Since you have broken trumps, so to speak, I will second the congratulations.

      1. I could bid 5 No Trumps for starters….🙄

        Yeah, some articles slip under the radar, I missed it initially.
        The most amazing thing is that Apple under Tim Cook has transitioned Into an eco monster so quickly. As an example of planet friendly production and business, it is peerless. That it continues to lead the industry by so many yardsticks and failing at so few whilst making money and still gets incredibly little kudos from it’s users here, is quite shocking.
        I expect MDN will soon throw some raw meat into the pen to engage everyone in a free speech brouhaha. Sigh…

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