What to expect from Apple in October: 16-inch MacBook Pro, new iPad Pros, and more

Apple's MacBook Pro
Apple’s MacBook Pro

There’s no guarantee that Apple will have an October event this year, but if they do, there are many new things they could unveil.

William Gallagher for AppleInsider:

We know the Mac Pro is coming in the fall… Whenever it finally ships, it’s hard to picture Apple pulling off another event based around the Mac Pro. Yet that machine could benefit from the promotion of some on-stage exposure…

It’s as certain as can be that there are new iPad Pro models coming, and it’s at least consistently rumored that they will arrive in October. Whenever they come, it’s rumored that they will feature the same triple-lens camera system that was introduced with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max in September… And there is room for a surprise on the iPad Pro — we’re not really expecting to see it yet, but a next obvious move for Apple is to bring OLED screens to these devices. If we’re unlikely to get that this year, though, what we could get is the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

As with previous alterations to the iPads, that increased screen size is expected to come via a reduction in the bezel around the display. That display is believed to be an LCD one — not OLED — with 3,072 pixels by 1,920, and would actually be 16.4 inches.

MacDailyNews Take: Gallagher covers much more, including Apple Tags, the possibility of bilateral charging being turned on via a software update for iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, new Apple TV hardware, and more in his full article.

We’re currently stuck waiting to see the specs/pricing of the 16-inch MacBook Pro and if it affects prices within Apple’s portable Mac lineup as we have an iMac whose time has finally come. We plan to replace our iMac/MacBook Air desktop/road setups with MacBook Pro units that just slide into our backpacks and also power dual displays on the desktop. Hopefully, Apple does have an October event and it comes as early as possble!


  1. THE VERY FIRST THING that should have been mentioned here is the release of the 2019 Mac Pro. If not October then WHEN?? Sadly it truly shows Apple’s continuing insensitive torment of the pro segment of the market. Stop leaving pro’s guessing and wondering!!

    ‘Til the last they have made this one of the most uncomfortable Apple exasperating experiences ever – no surprise and delight anymore, just the feeling of “ABOUT FREAKIN’ TIME!!!”

    1. Tim Cook’s crapping all over Pro Mac users is utterly and completely dispicable. From the cancelation of Aperture all the way to the abandonment of Pro users after the launch of the laughable Trash Can, there is NOTHING that Tim Cook can do to amend this level of abuse. If he had any sense of decency, ethics, and integrity, he would have resigned years ago. He is beyond incompetent.

      80,000 of the best tech employees in the world and 250 billion in the bank and Tim Cook let the entire Mac Pro line of hardware and software ROT!

      Sh!tcan Tim Cook!

      1. At one time I would have disagreed with you about Tim Cook but not any longer. we need a CEO who can execute in a timely manner and deliver reliable computers people want to buy (God knows you’re paying enough to get this). No more designing disparate Apple devices along similar lines but each according to their purpose and function.

        Sh!tcan Tim Cook!

  2. Here’s hoping the 2019 iPad Pro’s take a page from iPhone 11 with respect to durability. The new iPhones are supposed to be extremely durable. In contrast the 2018 iPad 11″ & 12.9″ are too fragile for my liking, enough that it prevented me from buying one.

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