Leaked image of next-gen iPhone prototype: No notch!

Via Twitter, Ben Geskin today posted an image of a next-gen iPhone prototype that shows Apple doing away with the inelegant kludge, i.e. the notch housing the TrueDepth Camera system:

One of the 2020 iPhone prototypes has 6.7-inch display with Face ID and TrueDepth camera system housed in the top bezel.

MacDailyNews Take: Good Jobs in heaven, please let this be true. Yes, we hate that inelegant kludge almost more than we hated Apple’s hockey puck mouse. It’s garbage design; a kludge in every sense of the word.

So, if true: Apple, take our money now!


  1. I have to say, the bitching on the site example: “It’s garbage design; a kludge in every sense of the word” just wears me down, and i visit the site less and less as a result of it and the negativity, such as your obsession with Tim, not being the right man and all that guff….. I have a hunch….Apple knew it was a compromise solution, to a technological roadblock at that point. What i don’t need, is you continuing to bitch about it 2 years down the line

      1. I am surprised that they have not drafted you to be the next CEO of Apple! Your insight and obvious superiority to the man at the top of the most successful company in history has to make you the obvious choice!

  2. When using my iPhone I focus on the display in general and really don’t notice The Notch. My preference is to have Face ID and Face Time in the notch. It’s fine that pushing the technology to eliminate the notch, but I wouldn’t give up the notch if it meant that FaceID was lost.

  3. Not only does their “Notch bitching” get old….but its senseless!! Like complaining that it gets hot or cold weather…..Plus they SLURP every product that Apple comes out with….

    I think we can all agree that Apple has the best engineering of any of the Smart Phone Mfg’ers….They will find a solution to the notch when technology allows it….At least they don’t try and sell a POS folding phone that no-one wants anyway!!!!

  4. It may be viewed as a kludge but the notch is a trademark just as much as the Apple symbol at the back of the iPhone – and more visible to boot!

    Apple has taken what was a necessity coming from the state of technology at the time of introduction and made it into something instantly recognizable. It shows that this is a mobile phone with FaceID, thus an iPhone.

    Imagine if it hadn’t been there: the front of one bezel-less mobile phone looks exactly the same as any other, as long as you hold it in your hand (as most of us are apt to do most of the time).

    It will be interesting to see what Apple will do to distinguish its phones from the rest of the flock once the notch is no longer necessary …

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