Fitbit app not syncing with iPhone after upgrading to iOS 13.1? Here’s the fix

If you use a Fitbit, you may have noticed that the Fitbit app on an iPhone upgraded to iOS 13.1 will not sync with your Fitbit, complaining of a lack of Bluetooth connectivity, even though Bluetooth is on and the Fitbit is connected in Settings.

Turning off Bluetooth and turning it back on, reconnecting the Fitbit, restarting the iPhone… all three of the most common steps to reestablish a connection fail.

Don’t fret, there is a fix: Delete the Fitbit app from you iPhone and reinstall it from the App Store. Launch the app and it will then ask permission to access Bluetooth (this is what was lacking and causing the issue). Grant permission and your Fitbit app syncing issue is no more!


  1. Hi, I tried what you recommend and it still doesn’t work… it connects and then it disconnects from Bluetooth, and same happens with my Glucometer, my Bose speaker and my bluetooth scale 🙁

    1. I’m having the same issue with my Charge 2. I even did the IOS 13.1.2 thinking that would fix it and nope. As a first responder I rely heavily on this when I’m sleeping.

    2. I tried the same thing and can get text message notifications but not incoming phone calls only get the message after the message is missed. What do I try next????

    3. same problem. I tried everything suggested but it doesn’t work. I have the Fitbit app installed on IPhone 10 and a new IPad. It worked fine till I did an IOS 13.4.1 update. Both devices don’t recognize my Fitbit and won’t sync.

    1. Hey Epsoinbro, is fuckers like you that fucking swear in public comment forums that lower the tone of this place. Fucking show some respect, onto, and stop fucking swearing. It’s fucked!

  2. This still isn’t working! As a first responder I rely on my fitbit to get text messages and wake me up at night. Just did the IOS 13.1.2 and still not getting my messages.

    1. Check that Messages in ICloud is turned on. I wasn’t getting messages on my
      Phone 11 Pro Max but was getting on other upgraded devices. As soon as I turned messages in iCloud in settings back on, I was getting messages again

  3. I’m having the same problem. I feel like I’ve restarted the phone and the Fitbit many times, turned Bluetooth on and off, deleted and reinstalled the app and still it won’t work!! It syncs perfectly with my old iPhone but not with iPhone 11. I hope someone figures it out because I’m getting annoyed!!

  4. Very disappointed that this problem hasn’t been resolved. I just got a new charge 3 through warranty and it still doesn’t sync. I need reliability. Time to research a different product. I’ve had several fitbits since 2016. This will be my last purchase unless this issue is resolved soon. Ps my band lasted less than a year as well.

  5. Feb 16/2020
    Updated tp iOS 13.3.1 and cannot sync my Fitbit to my phone 5se. Have tried solutions suggested several times – uninstall Fitbit app and re install, power off the phone and power up again. Very frustrating, is there an updated solution on Lin somewhere?

  6. I was doing the research on my iPad and trying to sync the Fitbit to my iPhone. I found a suggestion that I move the extra device to another room so I put the iPad away in another room and the iPhone sync’d right away…hope it works for you!

  7. I’ve done what you suggested … deleted the Fitbit app to reinstall it … now it won’t reinstall… its shaking I’ve already purchased it and won’t be charged again , and will install… but it doesn’t !!! Grrrr

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