Apple debuts new ad: ‘Look what you can do with iPadOS’

Apple has debuted a new ad, “Look what you can do with iPadOS.”

Introducing iPadOS. Now iPad is even more capable, with powerful new features, including effortless multitasking and desktop-class browsing. Learn more about iPadOS at

The song featured in the ad is “Get It” by Atomic Drum Assembly.


  1. If Switching Apps, Markup, and Trimming/Rotating a Video Clip is Tech Media’s idea of Mac-Like functionality then just “Get A Surface”.. cause this ain’t even close to a Mac and will never be anything a typical Mac User could tolerate. Yikes!

  2. It’s not what you can do with iOS – it’s what you can do with the applications. At the moment (as I said in another post) the software is just not good enough.

    In MS Word it is near impossible to change numbering and the indents have to be done manually by dragging on the ruler – which is very difficult. It is more of a glorified Notes app. Pages is better but cannot handle tables well and again has problems with numbering of paragraphs and not being able to have consistent numbering in paragraphs separated by a carriage return.

    MS Outlook does not allow for indents or advanced formatting – Mail is better for this but on both the search feature is woeful.

    PDF Expert is okay for editing files but it does not sync seamlessly with secure cloud services, has no OCR function and comes nowhere close to Acrobat DC.

    The hardware is capable but, at present, the software just isn’t.

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