President Trump delays tariff hikes by two weeks in ‘good will’ gesture to China

U.S. President Trump has delayed tariffs on $250 billion worth of goods imported from China from October 1st to October 15th.

At the request of the Vice Premier of China, Liu He, and due to the fact that the People’s Republic of China will be celebrating their 70th Anniversary on October 1st, we have agreed, as a gesture of good will, to move the increased Tariffs on 250 Billion Dollars worth of goods (25% to 30%), from October 1st to October 15th. — U.S. President Donald Trump

MacDailyNews Take: Detente?


  1. Excellent respectful move, Mr. President. It is refreshing a U.S. president after almost 40 years of prior presidential neglect is addressing a very important issue for the benefit of the American people. Fingers crossed he succeeds…

    1. “I support the Great Lakes. Always have. They are beautiful. They are big. Very deep. Record deepness, right?”
      What the fucking fuckity fuck!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like MAYBE three year old.
      What is even worse is his stupid body language and intonation as he spouts this drivel. And no, they don’t have “record deepness”… not in the world and not even in North America.

      Trump just said “my father is German, was German. Born in a very wonderful place in Germany, and so I have a great feeling for Germany.”
      Fred Trump was born in New York.

      “Windmills. Weeeee. And if it doesn’t blow, you can forget about television for that night. ‘Darling, I want to watch television.’ ‘I’m sorry! The wind isn’t blowing.’ I know a lot about wind.” (Idiot.)

      “take a look at the oranges, the orages of the investigation … the orage … … … the beginning of the investigation”
      This is an old comedy standard, the befuddled drunk stumbling over a regular word. Only Mr. Senile wasn’t making a joke.

      This brain is rotting away with increasing rapidity… and rotting away democracy in the process.

      Key point though — this senile buffoon could do NOTHING without the fawning support of the hypocritical cowards making up Republican party.

        1. That is the Trump defense. Throw tantrums like a 3 year old on twitter. How many more will Trump throw under the bus? Even Fox News is having trouble keeping up with the lies and spin.

          At some point Goeb will have to realize that Nixon II is not doing a very good job covering up his lifetime pattern of corruption. Go ahead, GOP, start prosecuting all those criminal democrats you claim broke laws. You’ve had years to put together your legal cases. Meanwhile Trump associates are going to jail left and right. Those who don’t break the law for Trump are fired. Trump can instruct his unthinking minions to willfully close their eyes to reality but Trump is so arrogant and stupid that he has left a trail of evidence proving repeated unlawful behavior. Mueller’s report didn’t exonerate Trump, it documented repeated obstruction of justice and Pelosi realized that with a little more time Trump would hang himself. Which he did. Anyone who lies to America on average 12 times a day is just asking to be sued. Actually Trump did that too. One wonders if Trump will be bragging about shooting people with impunity on 5th Avenue as part of his defense.

          Executive Privilege may protect corporate multimillionaires but the Constitution is very clear that a president is not above the law. Impeach the POS and nominate an honest candidate, Goeb. Or is your cult following only loyal to the Orange blow hard Chosen One?????

          Goeb will certainly come back with a whatabout or a personal attack. That shows how desperate the troll is to protect his cult leader instead of honoring the US Constitution.

          Goeb: But Biden!!!
          Sensible Americans: Go ahead and charge anyone who is guilty. Neither Biden or Trump is above the law.
          Goeb: But Obama!!!
          Sensible Americans: Show us your facts, which you couldn’t produce in the last decade, when the GOP held Congress for 8 years.

          Goeb: But Hilary!!!
          Sensible Americans: You have had DECADES to charge the Clintons with crimes and the best you could do was embarrass Slick Willy for having consenting oral sex with a foolish young intern who was of age to make her own decisions. The Starr witch hunt wasted millions of taxpayer dollars but Goeb didn’t have any complaints then.

          Let’s hope Americans set aside the destructive partisan behavior and get back to simply following the law. The worst thing that could happen to the republic would be for one party to control government. There is a word for that, you know!!!

  2. What very important issue? Is Trump ending IP theft? No, Tweet Man is getting schooled bigly by his international adversaries on all issues.

    Xi knows he can wait out all Trump’s political games. Nothing has really changed except the taxes on the US consumer are totally unpredictable.

    Apple continues to make everything in China regardless. No tax can ever offset the wage advantage Apple commands. Why can’t Trump even convince his good buddy Cook to repatriate anything? Or any other US corporations?

    Bottom line: The self proclaimed worlds greatest dealmaker has zero international deals. Trump’s revolving door administration (which is still full of swamp creatures) can claim nothing but costly chaos for international trade that everyone relies on including Trump.

    To some of us conservatives, we saw long ago Trump is a con man. Goeb still doesn’t get it. It would take multilateral diplomacy and strong trade cooperation for the US to win against China. Instead Trump has done the opposite. China is 4 times as populous and has no problems replacing the US as a customer. The US will need a very good diplomat as a next president to repair the mess and debt created by the current disaster.

    1. “Bottom line: The self proclaimed worlds greatest dealmaker has zero international deals.”

      Bottom line: You do not support our president one atomic particle and will NEVER give him credit or the benefit of a doubt for his work on turning around unfair Chinese tariffs going back to the Clinton administration. Whatever, FAKE REALIST.

      “ zero international deals”

      Obviously you are dead wrong, putting out false partisan posts and totally ignorant of the Japan trade deal reached at the recent G7 Summit.

      Much like the rest of your biased misinformation post I could not care less about…

      1. Goeb: Realist is correct on all counts, as usual. He is no more fake than you are. Your personal attacks show your inability to debate.

        Trump doesn’t need worshipers tweeting their adoration for Dear Leader to get international deals hashed out. All he needs to do is get his head out of his ass, put down the TV remote, and let real diplomats write real multilateral treaties.

        There is no deal with Japan. If you think there is, then show us the text. Trump had a good photo op though. Your con man hasn’t even been able to get McConnell & Pelosi to vote on the imperceptibly reworked NAFTA deal. Nor has Trump resolved any other pressing issues. Miles of new wall built: near zero. Debt retired: zero. Healthcare improvements: zero. Trade imbalance with China: greater than when Trump took office. It appears you grade Trump on what he tweets, not what actually happens in the real world.

        1. Not true Mike. Just another garden variety liberal like yourself and the Democrat media that are TOTALLY BLIND TO TRUMP’S ACCOMPLISHMENTS and complete turnaround of the economy and America’s belief in itself, AGAIN. I‘m tempted to say pity, but your ilk is PURPOSELY IGNORANT and has serious flaws facing reality. Whatever…

          1. To paraphrase your post:

            “They’re coming to take me away ha-haaa
            They’re coming to take me away ho-ho hee-hee ha-haaa
            To the funny farm
            Where life is beautiful all the time
            And I’ll be happy to see those nice young men
            In their clean white coats
            And they’re coming to take me away ha-haaa.”

            You seem to have lost touch with reality. The rest of us will just mark down the Japan treaty with the Alabama hurricane.

          2. The purposely ignorant one is Goeb, the simpleton guzzling the the Trump kool aid. Haven’t ever seen a factual argument from loser Goeb ever on this site. Others post facts and Goeb whines about loyalty to his con man hero.

  3. Though I acknowledge his challenge to China as needed (though I hate tariffs), let’s call the substance of the article what it is; as gesture. The 70 years that is being “respected” has involved a lot of crap…challenges to free speech/press, severe “crack downs” on demonstrations and, most recently, “scoring” of the populace for nefarious purposes. Last, but hardly least, the atrocious pursuit to “cleanse” the Uyghurs. Yes, I get it…politics isn’t always A + B = C kind of stuff, but offering “good will” to such things is a tough call in my book.

    1. It is well documented that China is quickly trying to build its middle class as well as forging trade deals with countries in South America, Africa, etc. Several global corporations already report that China is its biggest market, displacing the US. If that isn’t replacing the US, what is?

      Maybe we should call Timmy and ask what he would do if China stopped buying iPhones tomorrow. After all, China has already built a half dozen knockoff handset brands for them to buy.

      Then there is infrastructure. While Trump prioritizes maintaining 19th century industries, China is leaping onto 21st century tech. For example: solar panels. Rare earth metal refining. Internet spying. Naval weapons. Communications. Huawei, though much maligned by some US entities, remains a global leader in 5G network tech. What precisely is Trump doing to stop that? Making it more expensive or impossible for US networks to get competitive bids from Huawei? Okay. I thought the US believed in capitalism and a main tenet of capitalism, free trade. Business genius Trump apparently doesn’t see the value in letting US companies get lean and agile by competing fairly on the global market. Protectionism, as has been proven repeatedly, makes a country fat and weak in the long term.

  4. I didn’t state, nor do I think all is static, but “replacing” the largest economy in the world with something equivalent won’t happen anytime soon and fitting with any adjective related to “quickly.”

    1. In absolute terms, you are correct. The USA is living off its accumulated wealth, and that wealth is steered toward the most profitable investments. The industry of America has evolved; the hard work of agriculture and manufacturing has given way to services and financial games which always looks good on paper. But so far so good; the dollar remains the world’s defacto currency and Americans think they are untouchable. Since Nixon decoupled the dollar from any physical measure, Americans have been happy to print money and leverage it with very high borrowing compared to some other nations. Some would argue then that the GDP is rather inflated with funny money, but it it what it is.

      So America is #1, yippee, it’s party time, we don’t need anyone else in the world to trade with! Not so fast. When you factor in Purchasing Power Parity, the picture changes. Most economists consider PPP to be the true picture. Also realize that as a one-party state without an independent central bank, China can manipulate its currency however and whenever it is politically desireable to do so. For example, when Tweetie starts the trash talk, Xi quickly responded to undercut any tariff Trump can pull out of his derriere. When Trump is gone, Xi can reset his currency wherever he wants. Defacto dictatorship has its benefits to the one guy at the top.

      In summary: The US needs China as much or more than China needs the US. If you don’t believe it, then imagine Walmart removing all Chinese-manufactured products from its stores overnight. That includes everything Apple makes. What do you think Americans would do? Start sewing their own clothes? Planting vegetable gardens? America has been dumbed down to a consumerist culture that is totally dependent on imports to satiate the masses. If China hacked the energy grid and kept it offline for one month, half of Americans would go stark raving insane. You know it and I know it. The USA is not a castle protected by a wall and a moat, no matter how delusional Trumpists pretend that to be the case. Nothing Trump is doing is correcting that, however. When Apple makes its iPads in America, then we can talk about how fantastic it is that Trump solved everything. But I don’t see MDN’s website offering a handy petition that users can sign to address Apple’s board, demanding that MDN will boycott the Chinese stuff until Apple reinvests its production in America. All talk and no action. That’s the Trump way.

      1. “For example, when Tweetie starts the trash talk, Xi quickly responded to undercut any tariff Trump can pull out of his derriere. When Trump is gone, Xi can reset his currency wherever he wants. Defacto dictatorship has its benefits to the one guy at the top.”

        Your daily condescension of President Trump aside, have you seen the latest China trade news and the stock market posting eight days of gains and close to a new record?

        Of course not. As a blind partisan that is incapable of thinking independently and fairly you are only interested in bashing Trump. We all get that.

        But what you continue to miss is the president is fearlessly taking China head on in the tariff wars. No president since NAFTA was passed had the same brave moxie.

        As Americans of all parties, we want President Trump to succeed and help ALL citizens whether they support him, or not.

        If you don’t agree with that Mike, you are part of the problem and certainly NOT the solution…

        1. So you have no facts to refute mine, Goeb? You are the poster boy for blind partisanship.

          You love to repeat the talking points fed to you but you ALWAYS refuse to look at objective data.

          Here’s some for you to chew on:

          GDP growth never came close to hitting what Trump promised with the massive debt-building tax giveaway of 2017, and now GDP growth is slowing. Taxpayers will have to pay off that increased debt in the future — with interest.
          Manufacturing in the USA continues to decline. If Trump ever intended to do anything substantial that is good for the lower and middle classes, it’s not showing up in any economic record so far.
          Despite several years of low interest rates, small businesses aren’t investing for the future due to massive uncertainty, trade wars/tariffs, and the need to stockpile for trade disruptions.
          Large companies, despite sitting on huge hordes of cash, have steadfastly refused to invest in US manufacturing. The tax giveaway went predominantly to executive-enriching stock buybacks. US exports are falling and the trade balance with China has tilted despite Trump’s sabre rattling.
          Fixed income Americans and young workers are getting the short end of the stick. Neither savings nor wage increases are keeping up with inflation, even though inflation is below the Fed target. To screw them even more, Trump proposes negative Fed rates in his now regular political interferences, a clear breach of independence that the Fed is supposed to have.
          Trump’s tariff motives appear completely unconnected from economic realities. He suspends announced tariffs when he realizes it would impact xmas retail sales, buoying the retail sector for the short term. It will crater again as it did over the course of 2018 when Trump started threatening trade barriers.
          Job growth has declined since Obama left office. There has been no surge in hiring.

          Take those inconvenient facts and spin them away, Goeb. That’s what you’re here for.

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