GlobalFoundries sues TSMC for patent infringement, seeks U.S. and German import bans

Apple's A12 is manufactured by TSMC using a 7 nm FinFET process
Apple’s A12 is manufactured by TSMC using a 7 nm FinFET process

GlobalFoundries has sued Apple supplier TSMC for patent infringement, seeking to stop imports into the United States and Germany of products made with the allegedly infringed technologies.

Josh Horwitz for Reuters:

In lawsuits filed on Monday in the United States and Germany, GlobalFoundries… alleged that chip manufacturing technologies used by TSMC infringed GlobalFoundries’ 16 patents, and sought to prevent imports of customers’ products containing chips produced with the infringing technologies.

It did not elaborate on products affected by the alleged infringement, but listed Apple Inc, Qualcomm Inc, Alphabet Inc’s Google, Nvidia Corp, Lenovo Group and Taiwan’ MediaTek Inc among TSMC’s customers affected by the complaints.

In a move to highlight its investment in the United States amid an intensifying U.S. trade war with China over Beijing’s alleged unfair practices involving technology transfers and intellectual property, GlobalFoundries also said the lawsuits are aimed at protecting its U.S. investment.

MacDailyNews Take: Well, TSMC certainly didn’t steal GlobalFoundries’ ability to stamp state-of-the-art processors, since they’ve never demonstrated that ability in the first place.

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