AT&T settles with U.S. FTC over throttling of ‘unlimited’ data customers

The United States Federal Trade Commission and AT&T Inc reached a settlement agreement on a 2014 case that accused the company of slowing down data sent to wireless devices, a federal court ruling showed on Friday.


U.S. District Court in San Francisco said the parties requested a 90-day stay for the FTC to review and vote on the proposed settlement. The value of the settlement was not disclosed.

FTC and AT&T reached the agreement on Aug. 2.

The FTC in 2014 sued AT&T on the grounds that the No. 2 U.S. wireless carrier failed to inform consumers it would slow the speeds of heavy data users on unlimited plans.

MacDailyNews Take: All of the carriers need dictionaries opened to the word “unlimited.”


  1. Sooo I’m guessing that the settlement involved ATT not admitting any fault, paying the attorneys millions in fees but none to customers, and at the most, making it more clear that ATT’s definition of “unlimited” isn’t necessary what one might find as the definationin the dictionary. And at worse, not changing a damn thing

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