The problems with Apple’s HomePod

for Kirkville:

Apple released the HomePod in February, 2018, and the device has never seemed to catch on. There have been strong rumors recently about a HomePod 2 coming next year. But there are lots of problems with the HomePod, which Apple needs to address.

• The HomePod is expensive
• The HomePod doesn’t have a clear use
• The HomePod doesn’t sound that good [for the price]
• The HomePod’s fancy technology is wasted
• The HomePod is unreliable [especially when stereo paired]
• The HomePod’s design is mistaken
• Apple tried to do too much with the HomePod

MacDailyNews Take: First of all, we love our HomePods, stereo-paired, and used for Apple Music. Secondly, Apple learns and they have the resources to get HomePod right, if the will is actually there, but they were already very late even at HomePod’s launch. Hopefully there’s still time for Apple to make a big dent in the smart speaker market, if that’s what they want to do.


  1. As a sound mixing engineer, I find HomePod’s sound quality far better than Sonos speakers of similar size. And truly magical with stereo pairing- they sound 4x better paired than they do on their own to my ears. Stereo pairing needs to be more reliable tho. But sonically, nothing can touch this for the price. And the bass! Unbelievably smooth, deep, and clear. After setting up and pairing in our living room it sounded like we had installed a subwoofer.

  2. I considered it at first only because of the sound quality is rated #1 out of all Bluetooth Speakers out there by Dozens of Audiophiles and Tech Sites. However too many limitations on hookup. PLus I decided to spend a little more for a Pair of Audio Engine 5s. No one can tell me “Size doesn’t Matter” and Bigger is always Better, ask any Audiophile or Musician. Al these “Short Stuff” style speakers cannot come even close to two separate Stereo Bookshelf sized Speakers Hard Wired to your Mac. Plus, No cutting out when you walk in front of Bluetooth Signals or WiFi Dropouts. If you want the best Sound Dollar for Dollar get a pair of Audio Engine 5s. and No need to buy 2 HomePods that would cost more than the AE 5s.

  3. Yeah fck me 4x better. Not working with a Mac. 4000$ of hardware and that idiots can’t even get stereo sound out of the fcking shit. Will sell mine and get proper speakers. AI/Siri my ass @apple!

  4. I love my two Homepods. They work very well and I’m very satisfied with the sound. Of course it doesn’t compete with my Denon receiver and 5.1 speaker array. But it’s great in my living room, where friends are gathered, talking, laughing and listening to music.
    It’s great also when I’m alone, cooking, flossing or putzing around. I love the Siri features that usually work very well.
    I also have a couple of Alexa Dot speakers(connected to my old Boses), they don’t control my Hue lights and other connected items as well as Homepod. The only advantage with Alexa is the Tune In app, and their low cost

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