Next-gen Apple Watch models with Titanium and Ceramic cases leaked in watchOS 6 beta

Apple plans to launch new Titanium and Ceramic Apple Watch models as early as next month, based on new leaked images found in the watchOS 6 beta.

Tim Hardwick, MacRumors:

Discovered by iHelpBR, the assets belong to the initial Apple Watch setup screen animation, which resembles the rear design of the watch including the model type and the words “Designed by Apple in California.”

The firmware assets clearly reference a 44mm titanium case and a 44mm ceramic case. iHelpBR has also found analogous assets for the 40mm size Apple Watch model… It’s not clear if the titanium casing will replace stainless steel or become an additional option.

MacDailyNews Take: Uh oh, as much as we’ve longed for the return of the Apple Watch Edition in Ceramic, the Titanium Apple Watch throws a huge monkey wrench into our next Apple Watch purchases!


  1. Oh wow.. that is sweet news.. specially the titanium.
    Apple watch is literally my most favorite Apple product now. Followed by the iPad Pro 12.9…
    Have owned ever version of the watch .. and this year wont be an exception..
    Looking forward big time… about a month till announcement👊 😎

  2. Has anyone called these out as fakes? They look like they’re typeset in Helvetica, and the kerning is a mess. You can drive a truck between TA in TITANIUM.

  3. Just relieved to see a Series 5 clue. I’ll be happy with another gold aluminum Sport Loop. My Series 3 with Bluetooth 4.2 is way too slow for certain apps that need fast communication with a Bluetooth 5 Xs Max. Three weeks to go.😀

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