Here are all of the TV shows Apple has in production for Apple TV+

Apple TV+, coming this fall, is the new home for the world’s most celebrated creative artists
Apple TV+, coming this fall, is the new home for the world’s most celebrated creative artists

Apple announced Apple TV+ at a special event in March, introducing the world to a slate of upcoming original shows that will made available later this year. AppleInsider has been keeping track of everything the company is said to be producing, last updated on August 17 with production information on “Shantaram”

AppleInsider covers:

• False Flag
• Snoopy in Space
• Alabama
• Mythic Quest
• Prehistoric Planet
• Oprah Winfrey projects
• Peanuts in Space: Secrets of Apollo 10
• Time Bandits
• Lisey’s Story
• The Morning Show
• Defending Jacob
• Pachinko
• Untitled Brie Larson series
• Hala
• Unnamed Simon Kinberg and David Weil sci-fi series
• Untitled Justin Lin series
• Peanuts
• My Glory Was I Had Such Friends
• Nevelot
• Untitled M. Night Shyamalan series
• Amazing Stories
• Swagger
• Defending Jacob
• Dickinson
• Foundation
• Losing Earth
• Untitled Hilde Lysiak drama
• Ron Moore sci-fi series
• Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney comedy series
• Pachinko
• See
• Calls
• Sesame Workshop
• You Think It, I’ll Say It
• ‘Little America’ series
• Little Voices
• Shantaram
• Dickinson
• Are You Sleeping
• Central Park
• Untitled Damien Chazelle project
• Home
• Beyond TV

MacDailyNews Note: Here are Apple’s five official Apple TV+ videos and trailers released so far:

Here is Peanuts’ “Snoopy in Space” teaser:


  1. Apple is a movie studio. Apple is a car company. Apple is a bank.

    Meanwhile the Finder is such a mess that it is easier to find stuff on the net then on your own hard drive. Final Cut Pro can’t output to Quicktime anymore. The whole system locks up for 10 seconds so that a hard drive can spin up for no reason, and Safari can’t play webms.

    1. I concur about Finder. I have some workarounds, but e.g., the search function always produces strange results full of extraneous unrelated doc, and seldom the one I’m looking for (and I have part of the filename in the search).

      And sometimes when I want an alphabetized file list, it’s siloed into years, and sometimes it isn’t and I can’t find the controls to change it.

      I’ve also too often had files I’m trying to move disappear into a black hole, never to be seen again, so I take the extra step of copying then pasting and then going back and deleting. This is unacceptable labor in 2019.

      Also after several decades of OSX/Mac OS, I have yet to memorize the Klingon symbols for option and control, they don’t appear on the key caps (MB Air, 2014), and the menus don’t name them!!

      Plus if there’s a way to type them, I still haven’t found it (I’d love a simple to do that if I’m missing it).

      All of the things in the last two paras could be fixed in a DAY – and yet instead we do keep getting complex new features (few of which I ever find all that useful after the novelty’s worn off, though to be fair, a few are).

      (…gnashing of teeth….)

  2. I love the Apple Tv remote. Kids, young adults and old foggies like myself use it in my home, no complaints from anyone.
    Easy to use, faster than all my other remotes

    1. America isn’t half conservatives. Unless you count paid trolls as conservatives. The jobs are in the cities, that’s where people have been steadily moving for decades. Then when you live in a big city, it is unavoidable that you will meet new people who look and think differently, often opening your mind to things that simply never occur in Twidlywinktown Nebraska. No offense intended, it’s simply a fact. Only xenophobic media demonizes the most economically vibrant regions of America, where progressives work to innovate and reform stuff. Progress is not a bad thing. Normally I would think this would be an obvious universally admired thing but on this forum I expect to get attacked for not properly saluting der Führer.

  3. So far Apple TV+ is a hobby. If Apple really wants to win it should acquire Warner Media or even Disney. A few TV shows don’t justify signing up and will not justify a long-term membership.

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