Ming-Chi Kuo.: Apple Watch Series 5 coming soon with OLEDs from Japan Display

Joe Rossignol for MacRumors:

Japan Display will supply OLED displays for new Apple Watch Series 5 models slated to launch in the second half of 2019, according to the latest prediction from well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo… Japan Display will gradually increase its proportion of OLED display orders for the Apple Watch, starting with 15-20 percent of orders in 2019 and reaching 70-80 percent in 2021.

Apple Watch Series 5 models will likely be unveiled next month alongside a trio of new iPhones. This would hardly be a surprise, as Series 1 through Series 4 models all launched in September, but specific rumors about Series 5 models have actually been relatively quiet, so this is nice reassurance. For example, Kuo previously said a “new ceramic casing design” would be “added” to the Apple Watch lineup, but he did not explicitly mention Series 5 models.

MacDailyNews Take: Well, that’s certainly great news for Japan Display, as they can use all of the business they can get!


  1. My bet is that Apple will add SpO2 to the watch as it now available on other premium watches.

    At some point I think we can expect Apple running trials on blood sugar monitoring. The technology is available in a slightly larger format so I can see engineers working on an Watch version – probably one that links with iPhones.

  2. I have not bought in yet. I need the functionality of giving me my glucose readings WITHOUT a implantable CGM device like the Dexcom products which must be replaced on a regular basis (anywhere from once a week to once every three months) and additionally are terribly expensive.

    Plus I hate ’em for the way they squeeze less well-heeled diabetics (with no insurance, for example).

    I would like to purchase one Watch then never again have to purchase anything having to do with a Dexcom or other company’s implantable device, that has to be replaced on a regular basis.

    The watch should last for years until the unit needs to be repaired.

    It should “take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’ ” … oh wait… that phrase has been used already… my bad.

    Yes, it has been a tough road getting something that can read this information from a person’s wrist but Apple will get it done.

    Also the excuse has been “getting FDA approval” is a bear. To this I would say screw the FDA and instead sell the Glucose Reader technology built into the watch ( “Sugar” ? ) “as a novelty only” so Apple can’t be sued. Users like me would learn after a while that in combination with “finger sticks” we’d soon see that accuracy was good enough (Apple won’t release technology that is not at least good enough).


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