Gene Munster: ‘We don’t expect tariffs on Apple products’

Loup Ventures’ Managing Partner Gene Munster says he doesn’t expect tariffs on Apple products despite Wall Street’s widespread concern.

Iryna Kirby for Yahoo Finance:

“This is a critical misunderstanding. Ultimately, Apple products really don’t have much tariff risk,” Munster said in an interview with Yahoo Finance’s The Final Round. “The reason is that Apple is an iconic U.S. brand that the U.S. government doesn’t want to jeopardize. We don’t expect tariffs on Apple products.”

While some analysts may view China as an ongoing risk for Apple, Munster insists that “China is a unique positive for Apple’s long-term growth story.”

“More recently China exposure is viewed as a negative for Apple,” Munster said. “That view is idle speculation and ignores the China opportunity.”

While Munster reiterates that it is highly unlikely Apple products will be tariffed by the U.S., should the trade war escalate further the contagion will spread across all American companies.

“If trade war heats up, all companies will be affected, and Apple will be hurt in-line with other U.S. companies – not worse, not better,” Munster said.

MacDailyNews Take: Gene sees the forest through the trees.


  1. No tariffs for Apple products? So, that’s why when someone says there will be tariffs on Apple products the stock quickly gets dumped. If big investors actually believed there would be no tariffs, they wouldn’t be selling the stock on rumors. I don’t dump my Apple stock because I’m depending upon the dividends. Besides, it’s a waste of money to sell and and then have to buy back in a few days providing you catch the timing properly. Anyway, I hope Munster is right about this, but even if he is, it’s not going to change the way big investors think. Next rumor of Apple tariffs, and Apple stock will get dumped again. Apple stock owners are mostly cowards when it comes to believing unconfirmed rumors. All they think about is near-term risks. I prefer to buy on dips because I like to play long-term gains even if they’re not huge gains.

  2. I’m an Apple fan, but I think tariffs are a BS reason that Apple stuff would cost more than Samsung. Pretty sure the Apple-decided profit margin has a lot more to do with why Apple stuff costs more.

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