The story of the iMac is the story of Apple

William Gallagher for AppleInsider:

More than even the iPhone, it is the iMac that shows us what Apple always aims for — and usually gets. On August 15, 2019, the 21st anniversary of when you could first buy it, here’s how one machine changed Apple and how Apple changed that one machine.

[The iMac] been transformed over the years, and Apple’s aims for it have changed too, but the sole item on sale in 1998 that you can still buy today is the iMac. That’s remarkable for a company that is known for ditching its products as quickly as it launches them.

Now that Apple is a Goliath instead of a David, every last shred of the old Apple’s product line is gone —except the iMac. Sure, the new model isn’t a plastic dome anymore, and hasn’t been for a long time —but Apple has seen fit to keep the name for 21 years, longer than any other single product line.

MacDailyNews Take: Typing this right now on an iMac, just like the first article ever posted on MacDailyNews (not the same iMac by a long shot), here’s Steve unveiling the original Bondi Blue iMac G3:


  1. ” but the sole item on sale in 1998 that you can still buy today is the iMac.”

    Not true. The “item” has changed, while the name has not. It is not anywhere close to the same item

  2. iMacs are rather nice computers. I just wish they were easier to upgrade by the home user. I’ll never understand why the hard drives are so difficult to replace. Apple always has to make things difficult for users. With SSDs it’s no longer a problem.

    I intend to get a new iMac this year, but it won’t be an iMac Pro as I thought it would be. An i9 iMac will do just fine for me Fortunately, my 2010 24″ Core2Duo 3.06 iMac has been running non-stop 24/7 365 since I bought it and it doesn’t seem to be having any drive problems. I have that drive completely backed up every two weeks so if it fails, I won’t lose anything important. I have other Macs running Mojave so everything will continue going smoothly.

    I hope Apple continues making iMacs but they need to keep the hardware updated at least every couple of years and do whatever it takes to stop them from thermal-throttling.

  3. My primary computer is a 27″ iMac with 32 GByte of RAM and I still love it as much as I did when I bought it in 2013. The original Fusion drive has been replaced with 1 TByte SSD. It runs great. When I replace it, I will get another iMac.

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