Top real-estate agent: Your smart-home system could be making your home unsellable

According to California-based real-estate agent Jade Mills, who has sold over $5 billion worth of real estate in her career, overly sophisticated smart-home systems can have the drive away, not attract, buyers.

Libertina Brandt for Business Insider:

Luxury real-estate agent Jade Mills — who has sold more than $5 billion worth of real estate in her career, was ranked No. 6 on Real Trends’ 2019 list of top US individual real estate professionals by sales volume, and is Beverly Hills’ top real-estate agent in sales — recently told Business Insider that one amenity, in particular, is likely to push her buyers away: overly sophisticated smart-home systems…

“Even younger [buyers] have said ‘I don’t want to have to learn the smart system,'” Mills told Business Insider. “If you’re going to install some kind of a smart system, make sure it’s not too complicated for the buyer to use.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yet another reason, beyond security, why you want to purchase and install only easy-to-use, intuitive Apple HomeKit-compatible systems, apps, and devices!


  1. If you want to become an international star but directly from your own bedroom or lavatory, you will want a smart home. Only dumbasses want a smart home. The NSA, Army Intelligence, and the CIA loves such dumbasses.

  2. From personal experience, even simple HomeKit automations can become a selling issue. For example, you have a motion sensor that turns on a light when someone come to the front door. The buyer may love that. Then when you sell, that stops working because you took your HomeKit hub with you. Buyer does not want to hear that they now need an AppleTV/HomePod/iPad for this to work.

  3. The insecurity, ironically, of installing security, door locks and other home devices that may be hacked until something foolproof can be offered is folly. I love technology but so far don’t see the real need for these HomeKit devices. Maybe someday. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.

      1. Right next to my smart lock is a window pane. So, I’m not too worried about some hacker breaking into a Kwikset lock connected to HomeKit. If they really wanted in, they could pick up a rock, break the window, and turn the deadbolt from inside the door. The ability to remotely unlock the house, allow a dog-walker to get inside (but only doing specific hours), the ability to revoke access without having to get back a physical key, have a guest code without needing extra key copies, and so much more really make it worth it.
        That said, most of my “smart home” tech is easily removable: smart bulbs, smart window A/C units. I can take it with me when/if I move.

        When evaluating any security concerns, it’s important to know your threat model. It’s very difficult to harden your house if someone really wants to get in. Smart locks are the least of your worries, unless someone wants to specifically hit YOUR house without leaving obvious damage (like a broken window).

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