Apple CEO Tim Cook wishes strength and recovery for victims of Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting

Charlotte Henry for The Mac Observer:

Tim Cook expressed his sorrow after a shooting incident not far from Apple’s headquarters. The Apple CEO also thanked first responders who dealt with the incident.

The shooting happened less than an hour away from Apple’s campus. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that three people were killed and 15 injured during the shooting, some critically.

MacDailyNews Note: The Gilroy Polic Department have asked for direct witness who have not yet spoken to police to please do so as soon as possible:


  1. Yet another unstable white supremacist with access to military-grade firearms. The site was well policed, so you can’t blame this one on the victims for being unprepared. Background checks might save more lives than just thoughts and prayers.

    1. Direct quote from Gilroy Garlic Festival shooter Santino William Legan:

      “Why overcrowd towns and pave more open space to make room for hordes of mestizos and Silicon Valley white twats?”

      Sounds more like a deranged Lib environmentalist global warming wacko than a “white supremacist.” I don’t hear “white supremacists” calling each other “white twats.”

    2. In my opinion, the Colonial Army needed firearms for hunting, protecting itself against marauders but, most imprtantly and existentially, to defend itself successfully against the oppressive British government.

      1. The Colonial Army was not composed of deranged teenagers shooting children because they are “meztizos.” The Second Amendment was not written to facilitate murder. Keeping automatic rifles out of the hands of maniacs is just common sense.

        1. You sound like the type who refers to magazines as “clips” and rounds as “bullets”. You invented the automatic rifle part, they aren’t available to civilians and one wasn’t used yesterday. The Second Amendment was written to protect citizens against tyrants, the modern day iteration being communist leftists liars. I repeat myself.

          1. Actually, they are available to civilians by simple modification of the semi-automatic rifle that was used. Please list the recent victims of “communist leftist liars” who can legally be controlled by firearms. I can list hundreds who have been killed by rightists. To repeat, the Second Amendment was not written to place deadly weapons in the hands of lone-wolf crazies. In what world is that a “well-regulated militia?”

  2. AP: Lagan “appeared to have posted a photo of a Smokey Bear sign warning about fire danger with a caption that instructed people to read the novel “Might Is Right” by Ragnar Redbeard. The book, published in 1890, includes principles related to social Darwinism and is described as including misogynistic and racist ideas.”

    Misogynistic, as in referring to women as “twats.” Racist, as in referring to non-Aryans as “mestizos.”

    I will agree that it sounds deranged, as does your reference to “wackos.” Do we agree that deranged wacko teenagers shouldn’t have access to AK-47s?

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