Video shows why Apple doesn’t allow in-store replacement of swollen batteries

Ben Lovejoy for 9to5Mac:

Apple carries out a number of iPhone repairs in-store these days, but there is one fault that stores are forbidden from touching, and that’s swollen batteries.

There’s just too high a risk that these will be accidentally punctured during disassembly or removal, and a video of a DIY attempt at replacing a swollen battery in an iPhone 5s provides a graphic illustration of this.

Reddit user tryagainin47seconds posted a video of a coworker attempting to dismantle an iPhone, which burst into flames. The most likely explanation is that the man punctured the battery. The battery itself appears to have been third-party.

Replacement phone I got exploded in my face the other day. Luckily my work got it on video. from r/Wellthatsucks

MacDailyNews Take: Which is why we cringe every time some frangamdroid loser shuffles aboard our plane with a piece of Samsung junk (which are notorious for battery explosions and fires) on their way back to steerage. It’s only a matter of time.

This is also a very nice example of why Apple does not back “Right to Repair.”


  1. Right to repair = right to re-flare = right to re-scare = right to despair = right to have a poor job done with shitty dodgy parts and lose your life because of it.

  2. Has this video even been vetted?
    iPhone? Swollen battery? Really?
    Clearly MacDailyNews has an agenda when it comes to “Right to Repair”, and personally I’m not buying it.
    …fear mongering at its finest.

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