Apple Card said to be just weeks away from launch

Julie Verhage and Mark Gurman for Bloomberg:

Apple and Goldman Sachs’s hotly anticipated new credit card is now just weeks away from launch, according to a person familiar with the companies. The release will be the culmination of an intense, high-stakes development process for the Silicon Valley giant and the Wall Street stalwart.

The Apple Card is targeted to launch as early as the first half of August. That timing means the project is on schedule for the summer release date that Apple first announced in March. People who own an iPhone will be able to sign up for the card via the Wallet app, which will have built-in Apple Card support as part of the latest iOS 12.4 update.

In May, Apple expressed concern with the underlying technology Goldman Sachs had developed to power the credit card, according to people familiar with the discussions. At the time, Apple informed the bank that it was unhappy with some of the card’s mechanics and asked for changes. The pressure mounted on Goldman Sachs staffers as the card neared its planned launch date.

The different viewpoints appear not to have derailed the card’s progress toward its summer release. Apple employees and retail workers have been testing the card for several weeks or more, depending on their role at the firm.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Card is meant to be used virtually – via Apple Pay – not physically (via the titanium Apple Card) wherever possible as Apple Card’s cash-back rewards structure offers users just 1% on purchases made with the physical card, but 2% for Apple Pay transactions and 3% for purchases of Apple products or services.


  1. At this rate, Summer will be over before this card ships. You would have thought that most of the engineering or whatever for use of this card would have been in place when it was announced, not figure it out later after you announce it… Not sure if Apple is the issue or Goldman.. Course the article is from Bloomberg, who knows if they have anything right..

  2. I will get one as soon as it becomes available. I think the cash back should be a bit higher or there should be a Prime like option for people who sign up at launch to get higher paybacks and / or access to a bundle that offers AppleTV Plus and 2Year iPhone refreshes at preferred prices. Somehow Apple needs to leverage this to lock in customers and generate more predictable hardware upgrades.

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