Costco Digital Membership Card launches on iOS

Costco has updated its iOS app to add a Digital Membership Card which allows customers to make purchases without a physical card.

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

Costco has long had an iOS app, but the app did not include support for adding a digital version of the Costco membership card, instead requiring customers to present their actual cards for purchases.

To use the Digital Membership Card, Costco customers can download the Costco app and sign into their accounts to verify their membership. Once that’s done, the Digital Membership Card is available through the new “Membership” tab in the app.

The Costco Digital Membership app can’t be added to the Apple Wallet app at this time unfortunately, but because Costco does accept Apple Pay, the addition of the Digital Membership Card to the Costco app allows customers to shop with just a smartphone. The Digital Card can be used to verify membership, while Apple Pay can be used for purchases.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, Costco adds Apple Wallet support next. We much prefer being able to keep everything from membership cards to student IDs to credit cards to boarding passes in the Wallet app. We’d also like to see BJ’s Wholesale Club, which also accepts Apple Pay, add membership card capability, too!


  1. Sam’s has long had a Scan & Go app. You scan items as you put them in your basket and when you are finished you press the Check Out button. That takes you to a screen where you verify your purchase and the credit card you are using. One click and the process is complete, with the screen displaying a large barcode toe be scanned as you leave the store. There is no waiting in line for a cashier and no placing a basket full of items on a checkout belt. Your barcode gets scanned as you leave and then it’s straight to your car. Sam’s did “Update” their software so it new can’t use the Wallet so I actually went through a line and then used the card. fancy new version that ignores the KISS principle!

  2. Regarding the last paragraph in the MacRumors article, I can’t speak for all Costco stores but the one I shop does not accept Apple Pay if the linked card is not a Visa card.

      1. Costco only accepts Mastercard in Canada, only Visa in the USA.

        I liked it better when they accepted one credit card (even though it was AMEX) at any Costco worldwide.

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