Raymond James upgrades Apple on 5G iPhone confidence

Steve Goldstein for MarketWatch:

Apple Inc. was upgraded to outperform from market perform by Raymond James, which says it has greater confidence on next year’s 5G iPhone cycle.

“Our more recent checks suggest that Apple plans to bring 5G to a wider range of iPhone models, which is different from their plan when they had intended to use Intel’s modem. We feel that offering 5G at lower price points will drive a stronger product cycle, and early production plans tend to confirm that view,” said the analysts.

MacDailyNews Take: A super cycle looms for Apple’s 2020 iPhones and beyond!


  1. An additional rumor from Raymond James on top of speculation about 5G functionality in next year’s iPhone 2020 cycle and suddenly everything is fine again? What a crock!

    These folks make up all kinds of rumors to justify their ratings on stocks, and they are almost never held accountable for the fallibility of their speculations or their buy/sell recommendations or stock price predictions. I would love to see a statistical study on that…

  2. they are speaking to an audience of one, their investors. Their grading is simply to justify their stock rotation and to increase revenues from fees, nothing more.

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