Apple once caught factory workers attempting to smuggle iPhone parts by ‘digging a small tunnel in a corner’

Joe Rossignol for MacRumors:

The Information‘s Wayne Ma has published an interesting story about the measures Apple takes to prevent leaks of unreleased products like iPhones from emerging out of factories within its Asian supply chain.

After photos of the colorful iPhone 5c leaked in 2013, the report claims Apple created a “New Product Security” team to monitor security at its most sensitive suppliers in China… Apple once even caught factory workers “digging a small tunnel in a corner of a room behind a large piece of machinery,” hoping to use it to funnel stolen components to the outside, according to the report. “People were chipping away little by little at the wall Shawshank Redemption style,” one person said.

MacDailyNews Take:


    1. Did you notice the people who stole the most from Apple were:

      Microsoft ( IP theft of Mac to Windows worth hundreds of billions)
      Google (iP theft of iOS to Android also $$$$ )
      Qualcomm ( exploiting FRAND patents to overcharge Apple billions).

      All USA companies , And all White folks in charge.

      And just some days ago :

      July 10
      “A gang of thieves used a stolen pickup truck to crash through the glass doors of an Apple Store in Houston last night.”

      And before that:

      “Would-be burglars who attempted to break into an Apple store in West Berkeley early Thursday morning by driving a U-Haul truck through the storefront were thwarted by the shop’s metal security gate”

      plus numerous other cases.


      Not excusing Chinese IP theft etc but people all over do all kinds of shit.

      Saying “Absolutely anything Asians do these days does not surprise me as they are the worst at practically anything” in view of the above example is kinda of laughable racist.

      1. most people around the world are ‘mutts’ especially Americans.
        Like the latest DNA tests show many ‘white’ Texans have Hispanic blood
        Steve Jobs was half Syrian (biological dad’s name was Abdul Fattah Jandali)
        Bruce Lee (born in San Francisco) was one quarter white

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