Is your Logitech wireless keyboard spying on you?

Alistair Charlton for GearBrain:

“A vulnerability in how Logitech mice and keyboards connect to their USB dongles is leaving users open to attack. A security research has warned how hackers could see passwords being typed, and take control of the computer.

“The flaw is part of Logitech’s proprietary Unifying technology, which uses the 2.4GHz radio frequency to have devices like mice, keyboards, trackballs and presentation clickers communicate with a small Bluetooth dongle, which is attached to a computer’s USB port.

“When hacked into, this connection can be used by a hacker to take control of the target’s mouse and keyboard (while they have left a laptop unattended in a cafe or airport, for example), or even “sniff” the data going from a keyboard to the computer. This means a hacker could see your passwords and private messages as you type them.”

MacDailyNews Take: Logitech apparently said it will not patch this vulnerability…


  1. OF course we all know the dongles that plug into USB ports and are used by keyboards and mice are NOT Bluetooth. Alas, if they were Bluetooth, we wouldn’t need dongles (and we’d have to buy Bluetooth kbs & mice.)

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