Apple tests biometric Face/Touch ID sign-in at

Chance Miller for 9to5Mac:

For iOS 13, iPadOS 13, and macOS Catalina beta testers, Apple is trying out a new sign-in process for iCloud on the web. When you head to on a device running the betas, you can now sign-in to your account using Face ID or Touch ID.

When you visit iCloud in Safari on a device running the iOS, iPadOS, or macOS betas, you’ll see a new pop-up asking if you’d like to sign-in using your Apple ID with biometrics.

On a Face ID-equipped device, this means signing in with Face ID, while other devices, including Touch Bar-capable MacBook Pros, use Touch ID.

MacDailyNews Take: This works with the iCloud beta. Perhaps this is part of what Apple was doing when iCloud outages struck on July 4?


  1. I always thought the Face ID would be ideal for large screen devices such as desktops, laptops and iPads. You face them, open them and viola, they are unlocked. My MBP has a touch ID which is an improvement over manual signing in, but a non-touch, Face ID would be better for those devices. A very natural solution.
    But for small devices (such as smartphones) meant for carrying around, tossed around in pockets and handled in many different positions, or avoiding any automatic and unintended unlocking in pubic etc, can’t beat the touch ID. Security argument? One in a million chances of getting breached (vs. 100,000) ? There are millions more different security vulnerabilities and the weakest link in the chain dictates the true/overall security level.
    Perhaps Apple might be polling Face ID vs. Touch ID, but hope they stick to Touch ID for iPhone, or give users a choice beween Touch and Face ID if they want to maintain the FID.

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