No, Apple isn’t moving toward a Mac App Store-only future – at least, not yet

Alex Blake for Digital Trends:

Apple’s status as the biggest tech firm in the world inevitably incites conspiracy theories and rumors like no other company. And now, hot on the heels of its announcements at WWDC, we have another doozy: that Apple is trying to turn the Mac app marketplace into a monopoly.

This train of thought has been inspired by Apple’s announcement of its app notarization system. Basically, this allows developers to submit their apps to Apple, which then checks the apps for malware. If none is found, the app gets the green light and is marked as safe to users, giving them confidence in its authenticity…

Of course, a Mac App Store-only future may be a desire of Apple’s at some point. If the company could manage it without damaging the reputation of developers and users, that would be a huge success. But in its current state, bringing app notarization to the app store doesn’t feel like the first shot fired across the bow.

MacDailyNews Take: From what we see and hear, the fears of the Mac becoming a locked-down platform are unfounded.

We like that Apple is focused on making the Mac as safe and secure as possible out of the box. More experienced users can and will continue to be able to turn off security features and install third-party software to their hearts’ content.


  1. It’s not as if there is not precedent… iOS!

    Each and every argument in support of a curated iOS applies to any computer including the Mac. Should the Mac do this, it no longer would be a Personal Computer. That is one controlled by its owner.

    It’s also the reason for my utter contempt of iOS as it is and my total lack of trust at being at Apple’s whims.

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