Teens don’t make friends with people who don’t have iPhones

Dennis Green for Business Insider

It is by far the most popular device among teens and members of Generation Z, the tribe of 13- to 21-year-olds that comes after millennials.

About 83% of teens surveyed in Piper Jaffray’s Taking Stock of Teens said they owned an iPhone.

Some teens said they try not to include peers who own other kinds of devices on group texts.

Piper Jaffray’s Taking Stock of Teens report also claims 86% of teens expect an iPhone to be their next phone. That’s actually up on 2018, when around 82 percent of U.S. teenagers used an iPhone — up from 60 percent back in 2014.

“If you don’t have an iPhone it’s kind of frowned upon,” Liane Lopez, an 18-year-old high-school senior in New Jersey, told Business Insider.

It’s no surprise teens are hooked on their iPhones. In 2018, Pew Research revealed:

“Roughly four-in-ten teenagers said they feel anxious when they leave home without their cell phone and more than half (56%) associate the absence of their cell phone with at least one of these three emotions: loneliness, being upset or feeling anxious.”

MacDailyNews Take: When the worst criticism a teenager we know had to offer on iPhones was that you couldn’t make the app icons disappear in order to enjoy the Home screen image, you know Apple’s got pester power.

From a U.S. teen we just briefly interviewed: “There was this one kid in music theory who had an Android and I was like (makes face, rolls eyes). Because it’s a type; it’s a red flag.”


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    1. Yeah, I mean if you’re going to judge someone, judge them by their car or their house or their clothes.


      and don’t judge me for my use of all caps. or emoticons 🙂

    2. Stupid? People may choose possessions to convey something about themselves. We don’t know, but some people buy Android phones to make a statement. My bro-in-law does. He hates Apple. He was a MS sysadmin, and has never liked Macs, or iPhones, etc., and he’s not afraid to let others know that. He used to blame his dislike of iPhones because they had small screens and he has “fat” fingers. Then Apple released large iPhones, and I don’t know what his reason is now.

      My sister complained that her Verizon plan was $300, for a family of 5. I said it should be closer to about $200. Turns out my bro-in-law was on a separate plan, cause he was “grandfathered”. He wasn’t even on an unlimited plan, and it wasn’t like he was saving money, but wasting it! He’s obviously their tech guru, so my sister doesn’t question it.

      His family follows his likes and dislikes in everything, from the sports they play, water-skiing and wake boarding, no stick and ball sports, and they do activities in school, like band, just like their dad. My sister was a 3-sport varsity athlete, but no, the kids all do what dad likes.

      So, it’s been funny watching the kids save their money, first, for iPods, then iPads, then iPhones. Dad’s become the green bubble, but he’s always been a bit of the green bubble, we just didn’t know it until iPhones and the Messages app.

  1. No no, you see, kids make their decisions based on the Chromebooks they use in the classrooms, that’s why Apple HAS to take back that market!! Otherwise, they won’t have ANY connection with Apple products… except through their iPhones… and their iPads, and ok yeah, the Macs they get that work well with the iOS devices they’ve owned for years… ummm… ahh


  2. Kind of understandable. It sounds like a compatibility thing. If you don’t have an iPhone you have a hard time sharing communications with the others.

    Amazing for a product that only came on the scene 12 years ago.

  3. “When the worst criticism a teenager we know had to offer on iPhones was that you couldn’t make the app icons disappear in order to enjoy the Home screen image, you know Apple’s got pester power.”

    Easy to fix. Move all of the app icons to screens 2,3,4,5 whatever and leave screen 1 blank. When you exit edit mode, screen 1 remains blank. Just the wallpaper and the icons in the “dock”. Been doing it for years…

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