82 percent of U.S. teens use an iPhone – and that number is only growing

“The iPhone is a popular device — and it’s only getting more popular, especially among teenagers in the U.S.,” Christian de Looper reports for Digital Trends. “According to a recent report, around 82 percent of teenagers in the U.S. now use an iPhone — a figure that’s up from 60 percent back in 2014.”

“The report comes from Piper Jaffray, which conducts the survey twice per year,” de Looper reports. “According to the results it seems like every six months a higher percentage of U.S. teenagers are using iPhones — not only is the figure up from four years ago, but it’s also up from 78 percent in the fall of last year.”

” Usage is rising amongst related Apple products too — 20 percent of teenagers plan on buying an Apple Watch within the next six months,” de Looper reports. “Apple popularity could also jump later this year. The company is rumored to be working on three iPhone models to be launched in the fall, including one model that comes at a lower cost and still retains an iPhone X-like design.”

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MacDailyNews Take: YKBAID and AAPL is, as usual, severely undervalued.

In one of our local high schools, out of roughly 300 students who are known to have a cellphone, three (3!) are known to not have an iPhone (two Androids of unknown make (that the kids hate and keep well-hidden) and one flip phone to be used only for emergency calls). All of the rest have iPhones. Quote from a student: “It’s really bad to be green in Messages.”

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  1. but Apple isn’t cool anymore and only fanboys buy Apple products and Apple is a censor and Apple products aren’t good enough and Apple takes away features everyone wants. Oh wait, people are still buying Apple products even teens? Never mind.

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