Alternatives to Apple’s now defunct Back to My Mac service

Jonny Evans for Computerworld:

When it comes to remote access and control, there are many third-party tools available, though cost and security may differ. For example:


Available for multiple platforms (including Android) TeamViewer software lets you control remote computers, share desktops and files, enjoy web conferencing and more. You can use platform-specific apps, or a web browser to do this. More information.

LogMeIn for Mac

Very much a business-focused solution, LogMeIn for Mac is extremely easy to use, connects fast and even lets you access your Mac remotely from your iPhone (using an app). You get 1TB online storage and a free LastPass account and a range of collaboration and other features. More information.


There’s usually an app for that, and Screens is that app. This is an iOS app that lets you access your Mac, and also your PC, Linux or Pi. The app automatically scans for Macs and iOS devices on the network you are on and you can access those machines almost immediately with a password. More information.

MacDailyNews Take: Does anyone actually still use Back to My Mac? For most users, Apple’s iCloud Drive and Files app are all the compatibility we need, though it’s good to hear about some of the remote access alternatives we can use.


  1. Yes, I used BTMM until recent connection issues forced me to go elsewhere. I now use Teamviewer to connect remotely to my pharmacy’s Macs for support questions when I am not there. Works just as good if not better than BTMM.

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