Apple’s GarageBand: Better than ever (and still free)

Bob Levitus for The Houston Chronicle:

I was in the audience for the 2004 Macworld Expo keynote where Steve Jobs unveiled GarageBand (with help from John Mayer). I ran from the auditorium to my publisher’s booth on the show floor and immediately began wheedling and begging my editor to sign me to write GarageBand For Dummies.

I succeeded, and GarageBand For Dummies was released later that year… At some point I needed more horsepower in my production setup, so I switched from GarageBand (free) to its pro-quality sibling, Logic Pro (currently $199 in the Mac App Store). As a result, I haven’t used GarageBand much lately, at least not until my publisher asked me to revise GarageBand For Dummies later this year.

I hardly recognized the program when I opened it for the first time in ages last week… If you haven’t looked at GarageBand lately, check it out. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how mature and usable it’s become.

MacDailyNews Take: GarageBand is surprisingly powerful and full-featured today. If you haven;t tried ti, or tried it lately, give it a whirl. It’s free. More info and download links here.

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