Bring your own iPhone to Sprint, get unlimited plan for $25 per month

Christine McKee for AppleInsider:

Sprint has unveiled what is one of the most aggressive deals on unlimited wireless service we’ve seen to date. Bring your own device to Sprint, whether it be the latest iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, and get unlimited service for just $25 per month. Looking for a new device? Shoppers can also pick up a new iPhone with the Kickstart Unlimited plan.

With no annual contract, this Sprint deal delivers the lowest price on unlimited wireless service from a top carrier with no strings attached. And you don’t have to purchase a new device to take advantage of the promotion. You can easily bring your CDMA-compatible iPhone XS or iPhone XR to Sprint and sign up for the $25 per month Unlimited Kickstart special…

MacDailyNews Take: You have to love competition among carriers! Check out Sprint’s coverage map here.


    1. Careful. The crowd here thinks you should be proud to pay more to be looped into the Apple subscription game.

      Don’t want to pay through the nose by the month? Apple tax applies there too, except Apple extracts from the other end. The $1000 monitor stand is a bargain, don’t you know?

  1. You can pay me only $5 per month for my service plan. It doesn’t have any cell towers at all and doesn’t actually work, but if what you want is crappy service for a low price, my service is the best to be found.

  2. Don’t go with Sprint. Ever. I had to suffer for 2 years when I got my X and when I really needed cellular Internet it would never work properly or at all. Even if it said LTE, but most of the time it would say 3G or even 1X. It is the worst service of them all. I finally was able to switch to Verizon and this service is 1000% better. Fuck sprint deals, they are desperate, you’ve been warned.

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