Apple MacBook and MacBook Air are poised to get fresh new upgrades

Apple's MacBook with 12-inch Retina display
Apple’s MacBook with 12-inch Retina display

Aaron Brown for T3:

Apple is about to give a lick of paint to a number of its most popular notebooks, including an update to the redesigned MacBook Air announced last year.

The revelation that upgraded Mac notebooks are in the works comes courtesy of a new filing with the Eurasian Economic Commission database. In the past, these registrations have been a precursor to the product unveil a few months later.

The latest fillings, first spotted by the team at MacRumors, include seven separate model numbers designated as “portable computers” by Apple. These are listed as A2141, A2147, A2158, A2159, A2179, A2182, and A2251 in the official documentation.

We expect these model numbers to correspond to an updated version of the 12-inch Apple MacBook… The redesigned MacBook Air, first announced in October 2018, is also a prime candidate for refreshed internals.

MacDailyNews Take: Bring ’em on! We’re particularly interested to see what Apple does with the 12-inch MacBook, if it is indeed among the models to be updated in the EEC list.


      1. The two machines have essentially the same specs, except that the $1299 Pro has more ports and weighs 50% more. Some people prefer one set of trade offs and some the other. Personal taste is an amazing thing.

  1. I would HOPE for an M-series Apple Mac Processor… But that would launch (more than likely) at WWDC, which did not happen this year. From my perspective, looks like we are yet another year away from being able to ditch Intel to any degree…

    1. Intel has already said they think it’s next year. Which kinda infers that Apple has contracted all the Intel chips they expect to need for this year (likely last spring or earlier), BUT this past spring Apple put in a much smaller order OR no order at all for certain chips. So, either Apple is going out of the Intel system biz OR certain computers Apple ships will just not include Intel COU’s

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