Why I finally switched to Apple’s iMessage: Encrypted chat is a moral imperative

Dieter Bohn for The Verge:

After years of refusing to turn on iMessage — even when I’m using an iPhone — I have flipped that little toggle button to on, and I don’t know when (or if) I’ll ever be able to turn it off again.

The decision to use iMessage is super minor for the vast majority of people, especially in America where Apple’s messaging service has its strongest base of usage. But for me, it’s extremely consequential and sadly informative about the state of messaging in this country.

It wasn’t because iMessage is a better product than other chat apps — although it very much is from a regular user perspective. And it wasn’t that I love Animoji.

It’s simply this: I have come to believe that using a secure chat app is increasingly a moral imperative, and I have failed utterly and completely to convince enough people in my social network to switch to a third party, end-to-end encrypted chat app. Since I can’t get my network to use something else, I owe it to them to use the thing they can’t switch away from… More than anything else, this is my personal indictment against Google for utterly failing to come up with a viable alternative to iMessage for Android users… And I have to admit that iMessage is great. It works seamlessly across multiple Apple devices, including the Apple Watch. It’s fast, reliable, extensible, secure, and simple.

MacDailyNews Take: Bohn hadn’t used Apple’s Messages because he bounces between iPhones and wannabe iPhones, but now he’s committed to carrying a real iPhone at all times. In other words, he’s made a substantial upgrade plus he’s no longer a horrid green bubble screwing up everybody’s group chats with his shiteous, insecure, inferior Android junk.


  1. The writers and editors at The Verge are a bunch of tech journo douchebags who regularly and lamely diss Apple in a feeble attempt to boost their Silicon Valley street cred.

    I love it when one of The Verge’s principal self-proclaimed tech experts writes himself in circles trying to explain why he is now an iSheep.

    Forced, of course, into mediocrity by the great unwashed tech illiterate masses. Those lame settler who just won’t get with the program and all use the correct third party, cross-platform, secure messaging platform.

    As if there was such a thing…

    Once question, where was the Verge’s privacy and security reporting about 3 years back? Why weren’t they exposing privacy invasions by Google and Facebook while supporting Apple’s strong user privacy policies before user privacy was a fashionable topic?

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