Apple’s Find my iPhone app helps track down police officer’s stolen gun

John-Carlos Estrada for WINK News:

An iPad of all things helped lead investigators to a deputy’s stolen gun and tactical gear. Two teen suspects were arrested for swiping the law enforcement officer’s equipment.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office responded to a home off Kismet Parkway in northern Cape Coral Thursday, where the tone from an iPad helped find the deputy’s stolen gun, a X26 taser, a tactical vest and three loaded magazines with ammunition.

According to the LCSO report, the “Where’s My Phone” app [sic] led detectives to the home, where Terry and Rios lived.The gun was found in the home, wrapped in a white T-shirt in the living room.

MacDailyNews Take:


  1. This example is a clear illustration that criminals can ignore anti-gun laws. Once all of the anti-gun laws in the pipeline are in place, only the police, the military &spy forces, and criminal gangs will have guns which, to me, where normal citizens are weaponless and are left at the mercy of slow-moving justice system or at the benevolence of self-interested authorities whose laws are intentionally written to protect themselves, smells strongly of a nationwide oppression.

    Yes, I am pro-gun, my only Rightwing stance. I see that that anti-gunners and anti-choicers are both nibbling away at the periphery, working their way toward the core, of those two very important personal rights and freedoms so that, at some point on this trajectory, they will disappear. I blame the priveleged, the service-to-selves, the 1%rs, and anyone who hopes to control the population from the top of the political hierarchy.

    1. John Dingler, I get your point(s) and agree with you regarding the second amendment right and I get that you’re linking your two points as potential denied rights. However, many Americans consider an aborted baby—especially close to birth—as having been denied the ultimate right: life. They are citizens who, except for a page turn of a calendar, would be you and me. Another consideration is that anti-gun proponents will tie both your points together in a different way; they can say that they are limiting gun owners “choices” in the interests of citizens’ safety and that “pro-lifers/anti-abortionists” are attempting to limit women’ choice in a similar fashion and that we second amendment advocates can’t have it both ways. What say you?

      1. The point being that I want big gov. to stay out of my gun closet because that irresponsible cop will surely not protect me . And my wife — with whom I agree now that she educated me on the detriments of misogynistic laws written by old farts — wants the same big gov. out of her vagina and to stop imposing Fundamentalist theocratic gynecological values on her.

    2. A reasonably sane person, one with no felonies on their record, one who has taken the mandated safety training, one who pays the insurance payments also mandated, these people should still be able to own – and often, carry – a gun. Carry a hunting rifle to the field and you would need a hunting license, of course. This would mandate going through the local police, who would go through the FBI (a challenge, yes).
      Sure … some paperwork. Just to keep you safe from the random hangry nut-job.

      1. OK guys, sorry. I saw Dingler’s post and thought it was an opportunity to pursue the subject—should have written him directly rather than here. But, he didn’t address my main point; what about the little guy’s right to life.

        1. This is a complex issue. I suggest that people focus on taking care of the kids that are born before mandating that more of them be born. And consider that if you take choice away from people, that you are responsible for the consequences.

  2. Great story of Apple offering a helpful service.

    / end of Apple content

    The same people who want infinite freedom for themselves are the first ones to condemn others for living the way they choose to do so. At one level or another, simpletons are always eager to dig a moat, hide their personal debauchery inside, and then chastise everyone else.

    Unfortunately the planet has an ever increasing population and nobody has an answer for the shrinking shoulder room. Walls and fences have been proven ineffective every time they were attempted — if Gun Criminals ignore Gun Laws, what on earth makes you think Tresspassers don’t jump fences? Border Criminals can always overstay their visas, women who don’t/can’t/will not be a mother will always commit Vagina Crimes. Or speeders, what about their victimless Speed Limit Crimes? Those darn Illegal Drivers!!! To a zealot, everyone else is a criminal.

    So while mankind fumbles around trying to improve on millenia of short term thinking, most of it driven with warlord or religious zealotry (often the same thing) mentality, it would be refreshing to hear some pragmatic solutions that would serve everyone for the future. Most of what is sold to the sheep are profit maximizing (and conflict maximizing) propaganda from multinational mega corporations. The best sales strategy is a fearful dependent customer.

    So let’s get real. Guns are almost ALWAYS sold with fear campaigns. What is not clear is why Americans need anything more than a shotgun to defend the farm. When does the arms race end? There must be some common sense at some point. If a gun shop is legally outfitting a Las Vagas mass murderer with piles and piles of ammo and guns and bump stocks. … with nobody batting an eye, then the system is broken. All I hear is whining from the left and ego rants from the right extremes. Go ahead and own a gun, but why not have an annual training requirement? How about permanently taking away guns from felons and psychos? Why is that a bad thing? Because Crazy Wayne LaPierre said so before embezzling your NRA fees for his private junkets? With rights must come responsiblies AND DEMONSTRATION THAT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE.

    I’ll start with another serious reform proposal: eliminate wrist slap penalties and country club prisons funded by taxpayers. Every single crime no matter how small should involve community service to repay the costs of law enforcement and courts. Violent criminals, drug pushers, gangs, corporate henchmen, … all should be sent to serious work camps to pay for their sins, … and while there be treated humanely with education and true rehabilitation help. Deadbeat druggies on the streets need to be sent to remote job training where they can dry out and learn a skill. Not brutal cold incarceration where criminals teach each other what crimes pay the most with the least risks, but a real rehabilitation. Such a system must by design be self-funding rather than the for-profit system that has evolved since the term “cruel and inhuman” was misconstrued to mean that criminals couldn’t have a single hair of their head touched. Cops convicted of serious crime should have the choice of the electric chair or castration, then serving as work camp examples. Starting with that idiot cop in Minneapolis. Seriously.

    Until civilization gets serious about eliminating crime via humane but very firm means, then white collar crime will continue to be an epidemic, the petty crime of idiots and druggies will go unsolved, some cops will act like bullies with MAGA hats, multinational crime rings will operate with impunity, and the cesspool of humanity with no chance for a good life will grow with, yes, more unwanted pregnancies every year. Read: another crop of undereducated unwanted brats who basically never grow up to be paragons of virtue.

    I don’t see most anti-abortion zealots adopting the poor bastard children nor advocating to pay the taxes required to push effective education and social reforms. So, until then, who’s doing the accounting? what is cheaper? Attempting to enforce abortion laws, providing welfare to the boom in single mothers and then also educating the resultant next generation of surplus population … or educating the current children to not be stupid in the bedroom, or else undergo a heinous expensive medical procedure that, if performed correctly, can offer the woman a second chance in the future? If children were a rate commodity or if everybsperm was sacred things might be different but the sad reality is that the people who choose to have abortions would otherwise be the absolute worst mothers, bringing up their offspring to be as bad or worse. If you believe all murder is wrong, then work with Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics to be a foster parent.

    Others might say freedom of the vagina is the only realistic way to keep white enclaves safe from the much more populous brown skinned “murderers and rapists” as mischaracterized by the liar in chief. WASP reproduction rates just don’t keep up. The current US prez seems to want zero population growth if that’s what it takes to “win”. Whatever that means. Well that’s stupid. The quality of a species can only be improved with refined breeding, which means letting the best and brightest come in and prove themselves. Instead place of birth is used as a proxy to prejudge who is a good person. Well if you walk 1000 miles to seek asylum, you’re not a lazy bum. Native bums are far worse. All the native born criminals need to be cleaned up too. None of which is addressed by the politically charged gun and abortion arguments of either side.

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