Apple’s SwiftUI is a game-changer

Graham Bower for Cult of Mac:

Apple lavished attention on all its platforms at WWDC this year. We even got a first look at the all-new Mac Pro. But another announcement, which didn’t grab so many headlines, may prove to be the most important thing to come out of this year’s developer conference: SwiftUI.

SwiftUI promises to fundamentally change the way developers create apps for Apple products… The advent of SwiftUI really is the end of an era and the start of something new… SwiftUI enables Apple to do away with the NeXTSTEP legacy once and for all, replacing it from the ground up with a new, native API for Swift development.

For regular Apple customers like you and me, there are three main benefits we can expect: more apps, better apps and better support for Mac and Apple Watch… There is no doubt that SwiftUI is the beginning of an important new chapter for Apple. In the long run, we can expect to see benefits not just for developers but for everyone who uses Apple products.

MacDailyNews Take: As Alison DeNisco Rayome wrote for TechRepublic, “SwiftUI is built in Swift, for Swift, and makes it easier to write and understand code. It is designed to help developers build better apps with far less code — potentially helping make Swift even more popular among developers than it already is.”

SwiftUI will bring more and more developers from “other” platforms to Swift, delivering more native apps for our Apple devices! It’ll take some time, but it really is a big game-changer.

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