Apple’s iPadOS: Initial thoughts, observations, and ideas on the future of working on an iPad

Shawn Blanc for The Sweet Setup:

“The time has come to recognize the platform in a special way.”

That was how Craig Federighi introduced iPadOS from the WWDC Keynote on Monday, and it was awesome to hear.

In the same way that using your Apple TV or your Watch are each their own unique and distinct experiences, so too is it a unique and distinct experience to be using the iPad. As the iPad hardware evolves and matures, the software must begin to evolve and mature in lockstep.

I’ve been using an iPad since the first day they shipped. Over the past few years, I have pretty much gone all in, using my iPad as my only device for the vast majority of all my work. And thus, it is both encouraging and exciting to hear that Apple is not going to let the iPhone paradigm limit the development of the iPad.

While it may not have the same type of power that the Mac has, the iPad is most certainly a powerful device. It has its own very specific set of skills that set it apart. Such as its automatic backups to iCloud, Face ID for passwords, LTE connectivity, and the ability to be used as a tablet or a laptop at any time.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple has teased us with making iPad a “real computer” for the last few iOS releases now. It seems that this year they really mean it!

If you have an old iPad that you don’t use for much more than games and watching video, or if you’ve never even had an iPad before, iOS 13 is going to make the idea of getting yourself a new iPad much stronger!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Pat” for the heads up.]


  1. Mouse support on the iPad is critical. Here’s why: For creatives, using your hands gets in the way of your work. The Apple Pencil is fine for illustrators, but many, if not most, graphic designers are not illustrators and vice versa. Using a mouse with the iPad allows the graphic designer (or video editor, who often uses graphic design tools, too) to see their work without their hands in the way. This is why mouse support is vital for real graphic design work on the iPad.

    1. This is only true if you want to substitute your iPad for your MacBook Pro or iMac, but why would you if your a graphic designer? The point is that each device presents distinct advantages for graphic design. There are times you may want to use a mouse or trackpad and those are best served by a laptop or desktop. Other times, the touch interface is more advantageous, and that’s where the iPad shines. The point is, if you are a graphics professional, making your living with a computer, you would do best with both

  2. There was an explosion at WWDC, it was like thunder then lightning struck and the new MacPro was unveiled.

    But the real disturbance in the force, the rumbling, the earthquake, was the fork of iOS into iPad OS. The more you sit and think about the new fork, the more you feel the aftershocks. And there are going to be a lot of aftershocks.

    The iPad is no longer held back by its little brother the iPhone. It is no longer just a big iPhone. It has stepped up and is standing almost but not quite shoulder to shoulder with the Mac. It has become something few understand. It is the first true alternative computing platform for the masses.

    Just as we know that the MacPro isn’t for every professional, let alone every user, the iPad isn’t for every computer user either. It has, however, become the first viable choice for the majority of them.

    Developers will find that being unshackled from the iPhone will allow them to be more creative and hopefully more consistent when developing simultaneously for Mac and iPad.

    The iPad will diverge from its tablet cousins as well because people will want not just a tablet, but an iPad. IPad will be defined as a tablet running iPad OS, just as macOS defines the MAC.

    Apple has much work to do here, including and especially making iPad affordable to schools, and getting it out in front of college students, professors, and 9 to 5 data pushers who have no reason to learn a new skill. Yet.

  3. Apple making the iPad affordable to schools is a waste 10 years in, most of the schools that value learning and know Tech have them and the same applies to the parents, a Chromebook or a low end PC by itself is a waste, however using a higher end PC and learning Autocad, Revit, or Navis will get you a good job.

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