Apple charts the future of private, premium tech – alone

Daniel Eran Dilger writes for Roughly Drafted:

Apple didn’t create a monopoly in Park Place-priced hardware. It’s just been a game that everyone else failed at. Microsoft blew billions at rivaling iOS with Windows Mobile, Band, and Surface… Google frittered away billions of dollars in various vanity projects from netbooks to tablets to wearables to well, phones, before admitting that its entire last decade of hardware strategy was a throwaway effort and that its true calling was just to spy on poor people and monetize their behaviors like a creepy global government. Papers, please! If you don’t provide your login credentials you can only access a basic version of the map…

Leading up to its 30th Annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, Calif., Apple is channeling its unique hardware savvy to create a future that is powerful, premium, accessible to everyone, and private to yourself. And it’s doing it alone, competing largely against much cheaper copies of its own work that are supported by surveillance advertising.

MacDailyNews Take: Only Apple.

Those who value their privacy choose Apple products and services.

I see privacy as one of the most important issues of the twenty-first century. We’re at a stage now where more information about you is online and on your phone than there is in your house… We [at Apple] take that very seriously. I’m not a pro-regulation kind of person. I believe in the free market. Deeply… [but] I think some level of government regulation is important to come out of that.Apple CEO Tim Cook, April 23, 2019


  1. Google lost money on hard wares that are throwaway, however Google made tonnes of money from its ads business. So any websites that allows google ads have been subsidising Google, Android and Samsung. I wish Samsung was throttled the same way Huawei got smacked by President Trump

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