New renders show all angles of Apple’s leaked iPhone 11 design

“Apple’s upcoming new iPhone 11 series smartphones won’t be the most exciting new handsets of 2019,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR. “Not even close. From the front, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, and iPhone 11R (if that’s what Apple ends up naming them) will sport a design that looks identical to Apple’s iPhones from the last two years.”

“Around back, they’ll look the same as the iPhone X and iPhone XS apart from a larger and more unsightly square camera bump and slightly different glass that’s frosted instead of clear, or so says TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo,” Epstein reports. “Will they be elegant and sleek? Sure they will. This is Apple, after all. Will they feature fit and finish that’s a cut above anything created by Android phone makers in 2019? Of course.”

“We still have more than three months to go before Apple’s next-generation iPhones hit store shelves, but a new series of renders should help pass the time by showing us Apple’s leaked iPhone 11 design from every angle,” Epstein reports. “YouTuber Waqar Khan… mocked up Apple’s upcoming iPhone 11 in all three colors we’re expecting to see later this year: Space Gray, Silver, and Gold.”

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  1. All the tech-heads hate the notch. They’d rather have pop-up cameras or fingerprint readers on the back than have a notch. However, tech-heads aren’t the main buyers of smartphones. Look, it really doesn’t matter what features the next iPhone comes with if the cost is going to be over $1000. I think the main reason why Apple can’t sell enough iPhones is that they’re too expensive for most consumers.

    Until Apple understands the cost of an iPhone is too high, they’re just wasting their time with changing the design. The masses will continue to flock to low-cost Chinese-made Android smartphones and Apple will be left out in the cold. Until Apple wises up on making iPhones affordable, nothing will change for the good, notch or no notch.

    1. Yes, it’s a price issue, stupid!
      Chinese market issue did not suddenly pop up in one quarter. Apple has been struggling to market in that country (and they are losing to more competitive, innovative and affordably priced Chinese competitions). The battery replacement program encroached into the new phone sales potential?
      Come on, another red herring.
      Firstly, it was Apple’s own promotion, urging people to take advantage of discount battery replacement program. And how many actually took advantage of it? 11 million or so? Peanuts. Besides, most of those who flocked to take advantage of the new batteries were not in a new phone market anyway.
      Apple never admitted that the greedy overpricing was the one and only issue. Well, they got a message and now discounting everywhere including at Amazon and Costco etc. They have to. Apple has to get out of this greed ridden mentality and dependence on a single consumer product

    2. One does not have to be a tech head not to like partial obstruction of the screen image/video! Even if the picture is reduced in size… the effective screen size is compromised.
      That said .. face id works much better for me due to moist skin/fingertips.. ..if they can get around that i rather have no notch .

  2. It really is time for Pipeline Tim to leave Apple. The excitement has left the building. He is a caretaker. Nothing more. Amazon, Google and Facebook will continue to encroach on Apple’s territory. This lack of innovation, lack of new categories and what Tim Cook will always be remembered for, Not buying Netflix. It is time for him to go as Balmer did.

    1. Steve’s gone. Ain’t coming back. You don’t like Tim (although you like whichever Apple device you are using to read this post). Who do you suggest to run Apple? How about you go try out a Samsung until Apple hires someone you are satisfied with.

  3. Apple had record iPhone sales in the US, so price here is not the issue. China accounted for the weaker sales and there are many factors, including a trade war, that account for that. The actual design will be beautiful as usual. My guess is the price will be the same or a bit lower. They may keep the XR, X or XS at a lower price point.

  4. Weirdly I’m getting use to the idea of this design. It’s not great and I would prefer they change the look or position of the flash and microphone but it won’t stop me buying it.
    If this new arrangement brings new features to the camera or greatly improves the quality of the camera then I won’t complain, that is what is really important to me.
    When I talk to friends and family I really feel Apple has reached the upper price limit for the entire range of iPhones. Many friends and family won’t be upgrading simply because it’s too expensive. There is no doubt China is Apple’s main issue with iPhone sales but I feel Apple needs to knock off $100 this year or at least freeze prices. It also doesn’t help paying those prices and getting a stupidly underpowered charger in the box, that just feels like you’re being nickelled and dimmed by Apple.

  5. Mac v. Windows and iPhone v. Android:

    I get the difference between MacOS and Windows. I always have. I don’t even remember much about troubleshooting PCs anymore, because of no troubles to shoot.

    As for the hardware until recently there wasn’t a decent track pad in Windows world (either that or the diff’s also in the OSes – I have Bootcamp on one old Mac and the pad’s jittery as hell when it’s running Win).

    At least until Keyboardgate I also preferred the iconic design of Macs – enough to not be tempted by touchscreens, convertible designs, etc. But typing’s the main thing I do on a computer, and I’ve had thousands sitting in my pocket for four years now waiting for a MB Pro I’d feel happy and safe from issues just waiting for a failure. A situation they just compounded by bringing that huge mistake to the new Air (and doing away with a faster processor option on that machine) to really force me to only look at MBP’s. And if the entry level on the rumored 16″ is like $3500 (or more – how pricey will that new screen be?) – with not enough RAM and a small SSD, etc. I dunno what I’m gonna do. Even with a KB fix I feel the prices are gougy at this point and that true Mac innovation is glacial.

    So still loyal to the Mac (terrified of the new Win learning curve and the clunkiness of the whole thing), but being pushed to consider my options.

    Whereas I don’t see nearly the same degree of functional or hardware differentiation between the two phone platforms (although I do get that the iPad is vastly superior in its realm).

    At least since the sixth or seventh iteration of Android anyway. Before then it was clearly inferior. And I was rightfully jealous of iPhones during my first Android or two, when cost was a driving consideration.

    Every smart phone I’ve had goes into a (clear) protective case (but still a case) as soon as it’s unboxed and gets a screen protector. And unlike so many of my friends, both Apple and Android users, I’ve never had a cracked screen or malfunction despite scores of drops.

    All modern mobiles are slabs with a screen and a complement of cameras. I chose LG as soon as they added a true wide angle lens. Because I understand the physics of photography from my SLR days know how to utilize different focal lengths creatively.

    Also, since I keep phones ensconced in protection I never even notice, let alone feel shamed by any possible diff’s in fit and finish.

    Everyone’s catching up on that feature now (including Apple) – but I’m very comfortable in the Android ecosystem. My phones run well, they run plenty fast, they don’t give me any trouble, none’s ever been infected and they do everything I know is worth doing with a mobile some limited exceptions.

    I could care less about Animoji and other fluff, Google Photos is an amazing tool – I know where my files are (not moving back and forth at my OS’s whim), and I also much prefer DropBox, Evernote and Word to the native Apple offerings – partly because of how universal and device/OS agnostic they are. I make my video calls in encrypted What’s App and with more people on Messenger. I’m sure FaceTime is great, but I certainly don’t feel deprived. Maybe ignorance is bliss??

    Whatever, the benchmarking differences and other snoberatti mean little to me therefore. I also don’t play games – computing IS enough of a game. So I guess I’m not in the target demo anyway. But how many people really are…??

    And the world’s megacorps and governments all already know more about me than I know about myself. Which (so far admittedly) hasn’t messed up my life (that I know of).

    I’d like to play with an iPhone again, but at these prices? For what? I might try an iPhone 8 or somesuch or spend $150 when the new iPods go on refurb just to mess around and see what I’m missing. But I also may not. And now I can afford any damn phone I want, but without “getting” why I feel no impetus to spend hundreds more for a fairly lengthy learning experience.

    These days, I want stuff that, yes, just works……

    Lifestyle marketing can only take you so far and then you have to deliver more value per dollar over time.

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