13 ways to free space on your Mac

“If you need to clear off space from your Mac’s hard drive, there are some places you should look first,” Gary Rosenzweig writes for MacMost.

“You may have some old iPhone backups, installers, or other downloaded files,” Rosenzweig writes. “You can easily see which apps and files take up the most space and get rid of things you no longer need. Applications store support files and caches in your Library folder, but they may not have been cleaned up when you uninstalled the app.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Deleting old iOS device backups are definitely one way to reclaim some serious space.

Does anyone else get a twinge of nerves when clicking “optimize Mac storage” in Photos Prefs/System Prefs and depending on iCloud to store your originals? Make local backups regularly, just in case!


  1. I haven’t used the optimized storage option yet. I’m still not convinced about the Documents only on iCloud. I have it but wonder what happens if I am not connected to the net.

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